Step Sis Tristan Summers Makes Me Cum!

Step Sis Tristan Summers Makes Me Cum

Step Sis Makes Me Cum - S14:E9

Tristan Summers is forced by her Step Siblings Caught parents to clean up her gross stepbrother’s bedroom as punishment. Tristan is totally grossed out by what she finds once in his room. Horny stepbrother Jay immediately begins making remarks about how Tristan’s tits have grown so big. Jay can’t control himself as he pops his cock out and starts masturbating. In retaliation, Tristan flashes him her teen boobs.

While Jay keeps it up (literally), Tristan removes her skirt and decides to lay down on Jay’s bed to masturbate her tight pink teen pussy. Their masturbatory stand-off intensifies when Tristan insults Jay about his sexual stamina. Eventually, he lets Tristan stroke his hardon and she knows this is the perfect opportunity to stick it in her juicy teen pussy.

With her breathy groans, Tristan Summers has finally lured Jay into truly pounding her teen twat hard. She draws her knees back to open herself up completely to Jay’s taboo stepsibling sexual encounter. Reaching down, Tristan spreads her pink pussy folds and it doesn’t take her long to rub her clit to orgasm. This horny little piece of teen ass isn’t satisfied with one climax, though. Tristan then rolls onto her belly and wiggles her sexy ass to lure Jay back inside her honey hole.

Jay then enters his stepsister from behind doggy style. Her slim body fits quickly into Jay’s hands, particularly as he palms her ass while fucking her. When Tristan rolls over and shoves her breasts together, Jay excitedly takes her up on the no-brainer opportunity of a sisterly titty fuck. Tristan Summers then rewards Jay with a blowjob as she tastes her own juices off her huge stepbrother’s dick.

Step Siblings Caught Cumshot

Tristan Summers Step Siblings Caught

Wanting inside Tritan Summers one more time, Jay lays down and lets her climb on top of him. Now so she can ride him in cowgirl and then in reverse cowgirl. After she achieves multiple orgasms, it’s time to let Jay cum hard. Moving on her back once again, Tristan lets Jay keep pounding her slutty pussy until he’s on the edge of cumming. He pulls out at the last possible second and covers her freshly fucked teen pussy and tight tummy in a shower of brotherly love!

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