Just Stick It In!

Just Stick It In

Ryder Skye, Alexis Tae Moms Teach Sex

Kyle Mason has an idea for how to get some from his hot stepsister. He cuts a Gloryhole in the shower curtain, then steps behind it and waits. Alexis Tae to come in and use the toilet. When Alexis shows up, Kyle sticks his hard dick through the hole and convinces Alexis that he’s her boyfriend. Alexis tolerates anonymous seduction and gets on her knees to suck Kyle off. She keeps it up until she hears her adopted mom, Ryder Skye, coming to the washroom.

Also, thinking the hard cock in the shower belongs to Alexis’s boyfriend Darrell, Ryder takes her stepson’s fuck stick in hand and gives a milf blowjob of her own! Supremely talented orally, Ryder doesn’t stop until Kyle coats her throat in young cum for her to swallow. Later, Kyle goes to Alexis’s room to boast about getting a secret blowjob from his hot ebony stepsister. Alexis freaks out at the weird switch and calls Ryder in.

Kyle tries to get the upper hand by outing that his adopted sister brought him to jerk off so she could watch. In turn, Alexis points out that Kyle was pretending to be her boyfriend in the shower. Kyle pleads that he’s pent-up and desperate to lose his virginity. Ryder does what any caring stepmom would do. She offers to let him stick his penis into her for a second to lose his virginity. Flashing her big tits, Ryder gets on the bed and removes her thong so Kyle can just stick it in. She can’t believe her eyes, but Alexis eventually has to admit that while it’s wrong, it’s kind of hot.

Alexis Tae, Ryder Skye Moms Teach Sex

Just Stick It In - S11:E1

Alexis pulls her shirt down to play with her teen titties while watching the hardcore milf fucking display before her. Then Ryder encourages her adopted daughter to get on her hands and knees so her black teen pussy can experience a doggy-style fuck. Once she decides to Share With Mommy, the threesome has officially started as both girls compete for Double Dip orgasms. Ryder Skye rides her stepson’s young dick and keeps moaning. Just stick it in hard and keep it going. Alexis shows Kyle what her adopted mom has taught her about cunnilingus. When the girls are sexually satisfied, they work together and encourage him to Cum For Mommy. Alexis and Ryder continue to stroke Kyle’s cock until he rewards them with a double facial!