Something Sticky!

Something Sticky

Lexi Lore Step Siblings Caught

Sexy spinner Lexi Lore is totally into her stepbrother Ricky Spanish. However, her dad Sebastian Diox is such a cock block! Lexi begins her day by flashing her tits and ass at Ricky while they sit around the breakfast table. She even goes so far as to put her pretty bald teen pussy on display. Unfortunately, she has to cool it when her dad nearly catches her in the act. Later, Lexi takes advantage of some quality time in her room by masturbating with the help of a teen porn video entitled, Something Sticky.

Ricky spies on her Step Sister Caught Masturbating routine. With her Stepbrother Caught Peeping, she calls him, suggesting he can help each other by engaging in mutual Masturbation. With a bit of assistance from her horny stepbro, Lexi gets herself off with all the taboo touches to her tight teen pussy. When Ricky is ready to cum, Lexi commands him to cum on her boobs and not on the bed so he doesn’t get it dirty. Later on, Lexi cock teases Ricky again despite her father being in the same room.

She works her stepbrother to a feverish pitch, then waits until her dad has fallen asleep to act on her sinful urges. Ricky is a little worried about fucking his stepsister. Especially given the fact that her dad could wake up at any time. Nevertheless, after a teen blowjob, he agrees. He takes Lexi from behind doggystyle so he can cover her mouth to help keep her sex moans silent. Then he watches as his sister rides his dick while her small teen tits bounce in his face.

Lexi Lore Step Siblings Caught

Something Sticky - S9:E2

Finally, Lexi Lore winds up on her back with her teenage pussy pulsing. Ricky busts his nut deep inside her to give her a full-on creampie. As the semen leaks from Lexi’s freshly fucked hot teen pussy onto the couch, it creates something sticky that confuses her dad when he finally wakes up.

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