Allie Nicole Getting The Vote!

Allie Nicole Getting The Vote

Allie Nicole has decided to make a difference in school politics and is competing for class president. Her stepbrother Jason strolls in on her making campaign signs to gather support around their academic institution. Jason has been perving on his teen Bratty Sis for a while, and now is no exception. He whips his cock out for a quick jerk off session until Allie nearly discover his sick presence. Shaking off her initial disgust, she asks her brother to vote for her as tell all his buddies to do the same.

Allie jokes that she could fuck the whole football group and they would for sure cast their vote for her. However, Jason is quick to advise her that she’s already known as the school whore and seriously doubts anyone will vote for slutty ass. Later on, Allie Nicole puts on some sexy lingerie and waits up until Jason is jacking off again. She admires her brothers cock for awhile then bursts into his room without even knocking! Jason is shocked but, quickly propositioned by his sister that she will fuck him if he promises to help her get enough votes to win the election.

After some reassurance that their mother won’t be home for several hours, Jason accepts his step siblings deal as long as she promises to makes him cum. Allie Nicole gets started on her end of the deal with a sultry blowjob that only a slutty sister knows how to give. Once she has Jason’s dick good and hard, she hops on his stiff member like a professional pogo stick champion! We’ve said it before but, NubilesFilms Network really knows how to film a porn scene. Allie’s cameraman gives us a front row view of her tight teen pussy.

Allie Nicole

Jason isn’t ready to end their fuck fest yet, so Allie rolls onto her stomach as points her sweet ass up in the air. It’s difficult not to appreciate Allie’s bubble butt jiggling as Jason bangs it hard from behind! Falling onto her back, Allie takes a hard pussy pounding in her bare pussy that leaves her moaning. When he’s finally nearing the finish line of fucking, Jason pulls out of Allie’s tight pink teen pussy seconds before he comes. He then jacks himself off all over her perky tits as spent cum trickles down her tight midsection.

As the taboo siblings wind down from their taboo fuckfest, Jason assures Allie she’s got an excellent shot of winning the upcoming student body presidential race. Our only wish is that we had a candidate that offered the same the sexual qualifications to carry an overwhelming “oral majority” on her way to victory. We don’t know about you but, the Tight Pink Teens team casts their vote for Bratty Sis Allie Nicole! 😉

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