Fuck For A Haircut!

Fuck For A Haircut

Bratty Sis Gianna Dior

Bratty Sis Gianna Dior needs her stepbrother Lucas Frost’s help to practice for her beauty school exam. She asks if she can cut Lucas’s hair, and he initially says no. After some negotiation, Lucas agrees to do it for a blowjob but ends up being a Fuck For A Haircut! When that doesn’t work, he tells Gianna that he’ll just be looking down at her shirt the whole time but that he’ll do it anyway.

Relocating to the kitchen, Lucas lets Gianna put the cape over him before noticing a hole in a very convenient spot. He asks Gianna if she’s been jerking off other guys as she gives them haircuts, and she denies it. Lucas pervs on Gianna’s bra as she leans in to cut his hair, as he tells her he will. When he’s nice and hard, he pops his dick through the hole in the cape.

Gianna freaks out, but Lucas convinces her to touch it. Claiming that the only way it’ll go away is if he gets a handjob. Gianna reluctantly agrees and then stays quiet as Lucas undoes her shirt so he can palm her succulent breasts. He takes the opportunity to coax his hot stepsis into sucking him off. Now that Gianna has gone as far as a blowjob, it’s no problem for Lucas to talk her into taboo sex.

Bratty Sis Gianna Dior

Fuck For A Haircut - S10:E12

She pulls her panties aside and rides his rigid rod as he sits in the chair. They both shed their clothes, then Gianna Dior climbs into a different chair and spreads her thighs so Lucas can dominate her nicely-trimmed tight teenage pussy. Leaning over the table, Gianna lets Lucas fuck her from behind until he pulls out and covers her back in brotherly love. Satisfied, Lucas peaces out on his stepsister instead of helping her prepare for her exam.

Actors: Gianna Dior