Its All In The Details!

Its All In The Details

Selena Ivy Step Siblings Caught

Selena Ivy chills on the couch watching a soccer match when her stepbrother, Johnny Love, brings her a glass of ice water. He asks her to pause the game so he can talk to her. After stumbling for word, Johnny admits that he thinks Selena is cute. She coyly admits the Mutual Attraction. This gives Johnny the courage to admit he has imagined them kissing each other. Selena is up for it and suggests they kiss to get it out of their system. After all, Its All In The Details!

Even though they know it’s wrong, the stepsiblings then share a kiss. Johnny proves to be a lame-ass kisser as he tries to stick his tongue down her throat. Johnny tries to disengage, but he’s getting hard. Surprisingly, Selena confesses she wants to watch him masturbate. Seeing the size of Johnny’s big cock is all it takes for Selena to pop out her teen titties. Her hand slides down between her legs as her hot Latina teen pussy gets hotter. One thing is for sure: his Stepsis Knows What She Is Doing.

Next, Selena is sucking his dick as she gets hornier than ever. She takes things even further when she straddles Johnny and mounts his cock in cowgirl. Now that they’ve broken the taboo sex seal, Johnny pounds Selena from behind in doggy style. He pounds his Stepsisters Tight Pussy in missionary until Selena cums so hard she squirts on his cock. Spent, Selena gets on her knees to take a facial just in time for their dad to come back home.

Selena Ivy Step Siblings Caught

Its All In The Details - S22:E9

The Tight Pink Teens enjoyed meeting Selena Ivy in person during the AVN Awards and Internext. She is down-to-earth and a total sweetheart. To say we are smitten would be an understatement. She has a friendly smile, the softest hands, and the sweetest voice. There’s nothing fake about her. Selena’s the girl you would take home to meet your parents. We almost feel guilty fapping to her teen sex videos, but we know she won’t hold that against us. Its all in the details! 😉

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