Sweet Vibrations!

Sweet Vibrations

Kiara Cole Step Siblings Caught

Kiara Cole is quarantined, and her boyfriend can’t see her. Even so, he has a way of giving her tight teen pussy sexual pleasure. A remote-controlled vibrator. He urges Kiara to put it in and then lets him surprise her throughout the day. Kiara agrees, pushing the vibrator deep inside. The first time her boyfriend zaps her, Kiara is in the living room with her stepbrother, Rion King. Rion can see something wrong with his stepsis, but Kiara swears the sweet vibrations are nothing.

The second time the vibrator goes off, Kiara Cole is brushing her teeth next to Rion. Again, she brushes off Rion’s concerns. When he sees Kiara convulsing in bed, though, Rion has had enough. Whipping the covers off his stepsister, Rion confronts her about what she’s doing. She confirms his suspicions about the vibrator, then tells Rion that she’s so hot for dick now that she needs him to satisfy her.

Rion has misgivings, but Kiara is persuasive as she reaches out to stroke his dick. When his stepsis’s lips are wrapped around his manhood, he’s more than willing to let her do what she wants. He puts up a bit more resistance when Kiara insists that he fuck her young pussy, but eventually, Kiara gets her way. After taking it on her back, Kiara gets Rion to lie down so she can be on top.

Kiara Cole Step Siblings Caught

Sweet Vibrations - S13:E6

She rides his dick with wild abandon, moaning her delight as she finally gets some after cock after a long dry spell. A stiff cock ride doesn’t quite finish Kiara off, so she gets on her hands and knees and urges Rion to bang her pink porn pussy from behind. As Kiara’s orgasmic bliss fills the room in synergy with the sound of Rion’s spankings, Rion pulls out and jizzes all over Kiara Cole’s ass as he enjoys the busted nut courtesy of his sweet vibrations stepsister!

Actors: Kiara Cole