Deep In Kacy Lane!

Deep In Kacy Lane!

Anytime a Tight Pink teens update clip starts with spread pink teen pussy and a finger slid inside, it’s gonna rock! Super spinner Kacy Lane appears to be on the verge of full-blown masturbation by the pool. Suddenly, she stops and gets clothed. Luckily, our disappointment is short-lived. Kacy Lane starts her sexy stroll to the far side of the swimming pool where a real live cock awaits. After some “touchy-feely,” the horny youngsters take things inside to a more climate controlled setting.

Kacy Lane rocks her lover’s world with a slow striptease before winding up with a hard prick in her mouth. Her wet and wild oral skills provide a proper segue to climbing aboard the one-eyed pony for some cowgirl style fun. Kacy moans and groans (speaker warning!) pounding her hips hard impaling her dripping teen pussy. Her whole body shakes and it’s only a matter of time before she cums hard on cock. Once Kacy’s orgasm subsides, she hops off to and eagerly awaits an impressive shower of cum upon her face. Like any good pornstar, Kacy takes the cock back in her mouth. She then cleans the shaft properly, savoring the last remnants of cum as she tweaks her petite tits.

Kacy Lane Backstory

The staff at Tight Pink Teens has done some research on relative newcomer Kacy Lane. Hey, any girl who loses her virginity on a bet has to have some kind of inner freak in her! This small town girl has come a long way from being a grocery store cashier! Like many pornstars, Kacy favorite sexual position is doggy style. Since her entry into the adult business, she does confess to like being picked up and held as her teen pussy is rammed for all its worth! One other confession that any red-blooded straight male would like to hear is that she actually enjoys sucking cock!

If you have a small dick, don’t even think about having a relationship with this petite vixen. However, if you talk a good game and manage a date before she notices you’re “hung like a squirrel,” she might give you a “don’t call me, I’ll call you” blowjob before heading home. She only has done anal twice and is saving her on cameral ass fucking for someone special. One thing is for sure, there will be plenty of studios bidding for the opportunity to film Kacy Lane and her first on-camera anal. Hopefully, our friends at Nubiles-Porn have the inside track to Kacy’s crack! 😉

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