Emma Evins Tight Spot!

Emma Evins Tight Spot

Emma Evins is an attractive redhead that requires immediate medical treatment. Believe us when we say this is one of the rarest situations the Tight Pink Teens teams has reviewed! Anyway, she’s restless right from the minute she enters the driver XXX car. Apparently, Emma is experiencing an masturbatory accident whereby her favorite “orgasm giver” became lodged deep inside her tight pink teen pussy. It’s driving her fucking insane so much that she slides her shorts off and slips her nimble fingers inside her wet pink pussy. This is her final desperate attempt to remedy not only an embarrassing situation but, a potentially physically dangerous one as well.

Seeing her desperate plight, Driver XXX offers to aid Emma with her issue. Within moments his expert fingers have taken care to extract the glass dildo sex toy from its difficult situation. He inspects Emma Evins teen pussy up close while she becomes animated and aroused with every touch. Driver XXX licks his fingers and decides to masturbate Emma’s tight pussy to recovery. He sticks his fingers deep to ensure that her vaginal inner walls are unharmed. Next, he applies his signature clit lick to take her mind off any remaining discomfort or embarrassment.

Once Driver XXX is satisfied of her impending gynecological recovery, he kisses Emma Evins and proceeds to seduce her back to complete health. Driver XXX makes his move and capitalizes on their back seat location. He strips Emma down and starts a hot fuck session that Emma is more than welcome to participate in. She wraps her sweet lips wrap around the Driver XXX’s cock and sucks him to a fully erect fuck stick. Emma is all smiles after the much appreciated blowjob and is “all smiles” as she mounts his cocks and rides the white stallion to perfection.

Emma Evins Facial

They check off nearly every fucking position the automobile will allow until Emma has had her fill of multiple orgasms. It is only a matter time before driver XXX pulls out of Emma Evins tight pink pussy and prepares to launch his load. Emma is quick on the cock and milks driver XXX’s seed, giving her a complimentary facial with each sex toy removal. NubilesPORN does it again as this Driver XXX scene closes with a sticky cum load stuck to Emma’s sexually relieved face.

Actors: Emma Evins