Quarantined With My Step Sis!

Quarantined With My Step Sis

Avery Cristy Step Siblings Caught

The Step Siblings Caught episode, Quarantined With My Step Sis is all about social isolation. Avery Cristy and her lazy-ass stepbrother, Tony, have been stuck inside together for days. Avery is trying to maintain her sanity. She tries to destress by cleaning all the house’s contact surfaces with a mask and gloves for safety. However, Tony is driving her nuts by doing nothing at all. Although Avery is pissed, she feels super horny from her lack of sex life.

As taboo as it seems, Tony’s dick is starting to look like some mighty good stress relief. They begin on the couch, with Avery sliding her hand up Tony’s leg to feel that he’s already hard for her. When they relocate to the bedroom, Avery starts stripping as he watches. Her tight body is worth the wait. From her perky all naturals to her big bottom that’s hugged lovingly by her thong.

Once she’s dropped all her clothes, Avery gets onto her knees to start sucking Tony’s stiff cock. Reveling in the feel of man meat in her mouth, Avery lets herself get nice and sloppy as she sucks Tony’s dick and balls. Hopping onto the bed, Avery wiggles her bottom as Tony slams into her from behind. Her rough young pussy pounding gives her the deep pleasure she’s been craving.

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Quarantined With My Step Sis - S13:E2

That’s still not enough for this hot-blooded coed, though. Avery gets Tony on the bed so she can ride his cock as Tony grabs her ass to enjoy the cheeks. Once Avery has achieved orgasm satisfaction, she gives Tony another blowjob until he gives her a hot load of brotherly cum to enjoy. Since you’ve read all about being quarantined with my step sis, the Tight Pink Teens team would like to reward you. Check out more of Avery Cristy with a free weekend of Adult Time. Yes, totally FREE!

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