My Girlfriends Mom!

My Girlfriends Mom

Moms Teach Sex Lexi Luna, Kiara Cole

My Girlfriends Mom stars Kiara Cole and stepmom Lexi Luna who are very close. Kiara walks in with her boyfriend, Nathan Bronson, to find her in a skintight leotard doing yoga. Kiara runs off quickly to grab her laundry, leaving Lexi questioning Nathan. She starts with the standard questions about school and family but then moves on to sex. Eventually, she insists on seeing Nathan’s penis to inspect it and ensure it’s good enough for her stepdaughter.

Lexi offers to let Nathan see her tits if it will help him to get hard while she conducts her dick inspection. Once she lays hands on Nathan’s dick, Lexi strokes him to make him nice and hard. Nathan is panicked that Kiara will come back and freak out that her mom is sucking him off. Soon, Lexi rears back to start delivering a MILF titty fuck, and Nathan’s fears come true when he realizes Kiara has returned.

Kiara lets him in on the secret that she and her stepmom are a package deal. As soon as Nathan stutters his agreement, Kiara and Lexi get to work delivering a tag team blowjob that helps him relax and accept this new reality. When Kiara gets on her knees, Lexi holds her daughter’s ass cheeks apart so Nathan can enjoy a look. Then he gets the privilege to fuck Kiara’s tight teen pussy for the first time while Kiara enjoys eating her mommy out.

Then Lexi scoots forward so she can have her turn to enjoy Nathan’s hardcore charms. Kiara takes the time to make sure her mom is in good hands, then climbs onto Lexi’s face to ride her mama’s mouth. Next, Nathan lays down so that Kiara can hop on that cock and ride him with Lexi’s help.

Moms Teach Sex Threesome Finale

My Girlfriends Mom - S13:E3

They finish their threesome with Lexi on her hands and knees, feasting on Kiara’s young pussy while Nathan delivers a proper pink porn pussy pounding. Having finally satisfied his two lovers, Nathan enjoys another double blowjob until he cums in stepsister Kiara’s waiting mouth. We all wish my girlfriends mom was like Lexi Luna, right?

Actors: Kiara Cole / Lexi Luna