Do What Mom Says!

Do What Mom Says

Anya Olsen and Tyler Nixon enjoy a passionate makeout session on the couch. As he feels her up, his hands move south to caress her teen pussy lips. When Anya reaches for Tyler’s cock, he anticipates a blowjob will soon follow. Unfortunately, Anya’s hot stepmom, Cherie DeVille, discovers them going at it. She’s none too pleased with her daughter’s sluttiness and leads Tyler out of the room by his hard cock. On the way there, Cherie punishes him by leading him into the shower to wash his dirty dick. You better believe it’s time to Do What Mom Says!

Then Cherie tells Tyler that if he wants to be a man and fuck her stepdaughter, he’d better be brave enough to fuck her milf pussy first. Tyler is hesitant initially, but Cherie’s sexual aggression is a total turnon for him. Soon enough, he is grudge-fucking Cherie’s pink porn pussy. Anya walks in on them and protests that her Cum Hungry Stepmom is doing her boyfriend. Cherie finds it the perfect opportunity to bring Anya in for some pussy punishment herself.

She tells her stepdaughter to strip and plant her snatch patch on her mouth. Now that all three are in taboo fuck mode, Cherie calls the shots with everyone’s pleasure in mind. She pleasures her redheaded stepdaughter by ordering Tyler to stick his dick in her from behind for a doggy-style pounding. Then swiftly goes back to eating Anya out while her mature pussy gets filled.

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Do What Mom Says - S5:E6

Cherie keeps it up, taking Tyler next as the girls start riding him hard and fast. Rough sex is a big turn-on for all three, leaving Tyler anxious to bust his nut. When it’s Anya’s turn to ride him cowgirl, that’s all it takes before he loses his ability to hold his load. Like any good boyfriend, he won’t pull out. It’s been A Long Time Cumming, but Tyler finally plants his seed inside Anya. As the hot teen creampie drips out, Cherie DeVille laps it up and snowballs with Anya.