Kiss And Make Up For Mothers Day!

Kiss And Make Up For Mothers Day

Jessie Saint, Vera King Moms Teach Sex

Juan Loco and his adopted sister, Jessie Saint, have a Mutual Attraction. Unfortunately for Juan, Jessie decides they shouldn’t be fucking halfway through their taboo fuckfest. Climbing off her brother’s throbbing cock, she tells him she doesn’t care if he has blue balls. She’s done fucking him. Juan says he will tell his stepmom, Vera King. And if she doesn’t take his side, then he’ll fuck her as well. Jessie knows her only chance is to get to her hot mom first. Will they ever be able to Kiss And Make Up For Mothers Day?

Jessie gets her chance on Mother’s Day when she brings Vera a card and breakfast in bed. Just as Jessie spills water on Vera’s chest and offers to wipe it up, Juan comes in with his own gift. A back massager, otherwise known as a Magic Wand vibrator! Jessie can’t believe that Juan has tried so hard to one-up her. This leads to even more arguing between the sexually frustrated siblings. They fight over who uses the vibrator on Vera’s back first.

In the ensuing scuffle, neither of them notices that the sex toy has wound up buzzing away on Vera’s milf pussy. She won’t stop the fun until the fighting starts harshing her buzz. At that point, she tells the kids to kiss and make up. It turns out that Vera knows what her kids have been up to, and now she wants to watch and play. She starts by having Juan eat Jessie’s tight teen pussy out. Then he can fuck her.

Jessie Saint, Vera King Moms Teach Sex

Kiss And Make Up For Mothers Day - S13:E2

Vera pleasures herself with Sweet Vibrations as she watches the kids fuck, instead of fight. Eventually, she craves a piece of Juan’s hard-on. She gets it doggy style while licking Jessie’s teen pussy lips. Then she rolls onto her back so Jessie can ride her tongue while Juan keeps pounding for her pleasure. Jessie gets a turn in the middle, Vera’s original position. Once the girls are sexually satisfied, they finish Juan with a double blowjob. He rewards the mother-daughter Family Reunion with a creamy facial to conclude their cum-filled Mothers Day!