Mom And The Maid!

Mom And The Maid

Moms Teach Sex Vera King, Winter Jade

Jake Adams both loves and hates his new stepmom, Vera King. She is rude to him but dresses and acts inappropriately toward him. Things get worse when Jake’s stepmom hires a sexy teen maid, Winter Jade, who also wears hot outfits. The incidents where Vera or Winter act provocatively towards Jake become increasingly frequent. Eventually, the Mom And The Maid corner him and start making out.

That makes their sexual intentions crystal clear, though Jake tries to bow out as Vera grabs Winter’s tits. Vera tells Jake to take his cock out and stroke it as she fondles the nubile Winter. Once Jake has followed his hot stepmoms instructions, Vera tells Winter to start sucking Jake’s throbbing cock. Winter complies, deep-throating Jake as Vera calls her a dirty little maid. Vera eventually joins in, sucking Jake’s dick while Winter sucks his balls. She then urges Winter to hop on top like a filthy teen slut.

As Vera encourages her stepson and maid, Winter’s cute teen pussy creams Jake’s cock. With a front-row view, her mature pussy can’t help but crave some young dick for herself. She gets her to wish when she gets on her knees for a doggy-style pounding while simultaneously licking Winter’s teen pussy lips. Vera backs off, telling Jake to keep fingering Winter’s hairy teen pussy as Vera rubs her clit.

Moms Teach Sex Vera King, Winter Jade

Mom And The Maid - S11:E6

It’s obvious Winter’s wet teen pussy is ready for more, so Jake drags her across the couch until she’s in the perfect position for him to slide in balls deep. Once Winter is situated, Vera King climbs above her face to ride her talented tongue. Next, Winter and Vera swap spots to enjoy the synergistic sexual position. Finally satisfied, the girls climb off the couch and get down on their knees. Jake strokes his freshly fucked shaft while the girls suck him off until he covers both their faces and welcoming mouths with a hot Maid For You load!