St Patricks Day Sex!

St Patricks Day Sex

Bratty Sis Danni Rivers, Kiara Cole

Justin Hunt has offered to take his Bratty Sis Danni Rivers and her friend Kiara Cole to a St. Patrick’s Day party. They’re all decked out, but when they spot Justin rocking some beads, the girls instantly want some for themselves. Justin tells them they know what they need to do to get them. We all know it’s all about St Patricks Day Sex, right? Kiara has no problem with showing her teen tits to her friend’s stepbrother. However, Justin wants to see Danni’s boobs as well!

Danni Rivers is initially grossed out, but she really wants the beads for the party. Once Justin has coaxed the girls to show their tits, he takes things further. Now, he insists on seeing their sexy asses. Kiara wants her own St Patricks Day party accessories. She is bound and determined to have those beads. No matter what it takes. She reaches out to feel Justin’s hard dick then stroking him through his pants. Danni is still not sure she wants to go further with her perv stepbrother. Nonetheless, Kiara is horny for cock and ready to fuck!

She pops Justin’s hardon out of his pants to start sucking him off. When Kiara has coaxed Danni into joining her for a blowjob she takes things a step further and peels off her thong so she can get her pink teen pussy stuffed full of dick. Danni eventually agrees to let Kiara feast on her teenage pussy. All while her friend gets fucked by her stepbrother. Justin enjoys the squeeze of Kiara’s tight teen pussy, but he wants his stepsister’s young pussy too.

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St Patricks Day Sex - S8:E12

Eventually, Danni Rivers lets herself be convinced and finds that she loves Justin’s dick inside her! Kiara finally plants her pink porn pussy on Danni’s mouth to smother her moans. Getting on her hands and knees, Kiara enjoys taking it pussy pounding and then lines Danni up for the same. Crawling beneath Danni, Kiara waits with an open mouth as Justin pulls out and creams his load all over his stepsister’s ass and pink porn pussy. He gets even luckier. The 69 sex position makes it easy to lick Danni’s teen get fucked twat and Justin’s cock clean.