Bratty Sis Cheer Practice!

Cheer Practice

Athena Faris and Ember Stone Cheer Practice

Bratty Sis Athena Faris and her BFF Ember Stone are dressed in their cheerleader uniforms. While practicing their routines, Athena’s horny stepbrother Codey Steele pervs on them. With this view, it’s impossible to keep his hard dick in his pants. He starts masturbating while he watches the private teen sex show. While jerking his cock, Codey gets the self-serving idea to put on a cheerleading uniform of his own. He then informs the girls he’s joined their team and is ready for cheer practice!

Athena can’t help but notice how hot Codey looks in his skintight cheerleader outfit. Ember isn’t buying into this at all, but she agrees to give Codey a chance to prove himself. During a cheerleader routine, Athena claims her panties are bothering her and decides to take them off. Next, the trio moves on to high leg kicks, which positions Athena’s teen pink pussy right then and there.

Ember is offended at the inappropriate behavior, especially when Codey pulls out his cock and begins fucking Athena from behind. Ember leaves in disgust, leaving Codey and Athena to practice some cheer moves never seen on a football field. They start on their feet, then relocate to the bedroom as Athena moans and groans sexually. Peeling off her cheer practice uniform, Athena Faris climbs on top of Codey, impaling her pink porn pussy balls deep.

Bratty Sis Cheer Squad Creampie

Cheer Practice - S6:E8

Athena’s cock ride takes on a new view when she turns around so that Codey can get a good look at her pierced nipples. With the front row POV, he just can’t seem to keep his hands off her teen tits. Moving on her back, Athena is in the process of enjoying her final orgasm when she begs her stepbrother to cum in her teenage pussy. Basking in the afterglow of taboo sex, Ember Stone comes back informing them both that she is no longer stepsister Athena Faris‘ BFF. She then quits the cheer squad too!