Mom Takes The Team!

Mom Takes The Team

Jennifer White Moms Teach Sex

Jennifer White has her hands and orifices full in Mom Takes The Team. Her athletic stepson Typer Nixon and his teammates Brad Sterling and Lucas Frost return from football practice just as Jennifer has finished getting dressed. She gives them snacks and drinks and tells them that dinner will be ready soon. Before they can eat, though, all three smelly boys need a shower. There’s no time to go individually, so all three must cram into the shower simultaneously. The boys protest that they’re not showering together. Jennifer snaps into take-charge mode and tells them to line up as Mom Makes Learning Fun!

Pulling their pants down to reveal three young cocks, Jennifer tells them to Do What Mom Says! She will teach them how to be real men. She starts with Lucas, lovingly sucking his length. Then she moves on to Brad as she continues to stroke Lucas. Tyler can’t believe his stepmom’s antics. Nevertheless, he keeps his mouth shut and strokes his cock as he watches Jennifer suck his friends off. When Jennifer catches Tyler becoming aroused, she offers him a piece of Moms Hot Pie. Getting on her hands and knees, Jennifer lets her stepson enter her from behind doggy style as she double-teams Lucas and Brad with her hands and mouth.

Tyler gets greedy and asks permission to fuck his stepmom’s ass, and she goes so far as to help him to Just Stick It In. Now is Jennifer’s time to prove she can handle three cocks as Mom takes the team in multiple positions. She pulls Brad onto the couch and climbs onto his hard-on while taking turns sucking Lucas and Tyler while giving a handjob to the other. She has Brad switch for some anal intercourse of his own. Then welcomes Lucas back into the group so he can fuck her mature pussy at the same time while she deep-throats Tyler for an airtight threesome.

Jennifer White Moms Teach Sex

Mom Takes The Team - S11:E3

Then she turns around to ride Brad’s stiff shaft as Lucas takes a turn deep inside her ass while Tyler focuses on face fucking his mom. Rolling onto her back, Jennifer welcomes her stepson inside her brown eye as she resumes sucking and stroking Lucas and Brad. Tyler pulls out to cover his mom’s tummy in young cum. Then Jennifer takes a double facial from Brad and Lucas. Cum covered and sexually satisfied, the hot milf mom tells the boys it’s time to get clean in the shower after getting dirty with her. If mom takes the team like this, imagine what she will do for them on Stepsons Graduation Day!