Desired Mia Suggestive Eyes and Perfect Body!

Desired Mia Suggestive Eyes and Perfect Body

Desired Mia rolled off of me and lay on her back. I surrendered as well, pushing myself atop her. Beginning at her lips, I licked down her throat to her teen tits, delicately nipping at her nipples as and savoring her young flesh. After a moment, I moved down kissing her belly to her nicely trimmed mound. Then, I started having fun with her tight pink pussy, prepping her to be penetrated by my hard cock for the first time. Little did Mia know I had a surprise as I was going to fuck her ass during this live chat session!

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Desired Mia and most women love oral sex. For some reason, she couldn’t orgasm easily through normal sexual intercourse. However, a talented tongue would drive her insane. Be it a man or woman, it was the tongue that she always demanded. Pinning her thighs apart with my arms, I leaned into her and began running my tongue across her clitoris, parting her slit, with my soaking wet lips. She had an extremely nice vulva, nice and tight but still experienced in sexual matters. Desired Mia’s gorgeous pussy was a delicious shade of pink.

Together we continued our sex dance interest. I was rather shy, so there was no talking, no moans. Simply me licking and her breathing. It was only a matter of time before Mia was ready to give me what I had always wanted. I brought my hands lower to her mid-section and began caressing her with my fingers. I played a game of backward and forwards along her glistening slit, periodically dipping into down into her browneye.

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We’d “dated” forever online. I know this might appears foolish, but I daydreamed taking her anally. I’d seen some awesome anal sex movies pornography on several websites. I wanted to slide a finger right into her as well as make her climax while I was sodomizing (with permission of course) her. I wanted to flip her over, prop her ass in the air and plow right into her, forcing myself on her still-virgin anus. The only thing that made this better is that we popped each other’s anal cherry during this live cam session. Desired Mia gasped and groaned while I buried myself inside her bunghole as she achieved multiple orgasms. I come up with some kinky live chat and Mia always delivers!

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