Stepsons Graduation Day!

Stepsons Graduation Day

Jaimie Vine Moms Teach Sex

It’s Stepsons Graduation Day for Jay Romero. His dad can’t be there, but his stepmom, Jaimie Vine, is happy to attend. Jaimie gets dolled up in a lovely dress that hides the sheer and sexy lingerie underneath. Later, they return home, and Jaimie tells Jay she will change into something more comfortable before they go to Jay’s graduation day party. She gets halfway there, but her sexy dress gets stuck in the zipper. Now, she needs Jay’s help to undo it.

Jay is embarrassed to see his stepmom in partial undress. Things get even worse when he releases the zipper causing the dress to slide down, revealing his hot mom’s rocking body and fuck me lingerie. Jaimie tries to brush off the incident but sees that Jay has popped a big boner beneath his graduation robe. Obviously, He can’t go to a party like that. Jaimie tells him to masturbate and get rid of it quickly.

Jay tries to get some fapping privacy. However, Jaimie is impatient because they don’t have time for him to go to his room. Moms Master Plan involves offering her stepson a handjob to help him release his seed. When that doesn’t work, she opens wide to start sucking. It’s appropriately inappropriate since she’s only doing it to get them where they need to be on time. Even a hot milf blowjob from Jaimie can’t make Jay cum.

Unpased, she resorts to drastic measures, pushing Jay back on the couch to let her pussy take care of his throbbing cock. Jaimie mounts him, sliding down on his barely legal manhood. Unbelievably, riding Jay’s dick with her milf tits in his face still doesn’t do the trick. So Jaimie turns around and bounces away in reverse cowgirl. Next, Jaimie offers herself to Jay from behind as she assumes the position on her hands and knees.

Jaimie Vine Moms Teach Sex

Stepsons Graduation Day - S16:E1

The Younger Mommy is into it, rocking back to meet each stroke as her stepson pounds her mature pussy hard. On her back, Jaimie lifts one leg so that Jay can drive deep and pound his stepmom’s pussy until he finally fills her with a Stepmom Creampie. As Jaimie marvels at the massive amount of cum, Jay’s dad chooses that moment to call her up and check on how things are going. It’s the best Goodbye Graduation send-off ever!

Actors: Jaimie Vine