Caught By My Stepmom!

Caught By My Stepmom

Alana Cruise Moms Teach Sex

Jason is in the middle of another masturbation session when his stepmother, Alana Cruise, walks in on him fapping away! He pretends he isn’t doing anything, but she knows better. Alana pulls the sheets back and finds his fully engorged penis. She’s had it with his masturbatory antics and claims that all he does is jerk off solo. Why not just whip his dick out for her? Somehow Caught By My Stepmom might not be so bad after all!

Alana tells him to get ready for church. She plans to make Jason as uncomfortable as possible. He knows Masturbation Is Wrong! A few minutes later, she calls him to bring her dress. He obeys and finds her in the bathroom, clad only in her bra and panties. Totally on the cougar prowl now, Alana sinks to her knees and pulls out Jason’s cock.

Once he starts sucking him off, he tries to deny the pleasure, but he wants to have sexual intercourse with his hot stepmom. Pulling out her milf tits so he can admire them, she removes her clothes until she’s naked. Bending over the counter with her big ass in front of him, Jason can’t deny her invitation to stuff her box full of cock. Relocating to the bedroom, the duo explores all the different sexual positions Jason has fantasized about.

Alana Cruise Moms Teach Sex

Caught By My Stepmom - S8:E9

He fucks his stepmother’s wet milf pussy as she holds her legs apart, gazing in the bask of taboo sex. Next, she gets on her hands and knees to take a doggy-style pussy pounding from behind. When she mounts Jason’s pleasure pony, Alana rides him like a bucking bronco until she climaxes! Back in her original position with her hands spreading her legs wide apart, Alana Cruise watches intently as Jason pulls out to splash his young cum all over her fit stomach and mature pussy.

Actors: Alana Cruise / Jason