Mom Makes Learning Fun!

Mom Makes Learning Fun

Silvia Saige Moms Teach Sex

Busty MILF Silvia Saige took time off work to help her stepson, Jayrock, with his e-learning. Jayrock is not interested in learning. However, he has no idea. This Mom Makes Learning Fun! Jayrock has no idea his first lesson is Three Steps To Fuck Your Step Mom. Worse yet, he points out that his sexy stepmom is dressed inappropriately with her mature boobs hanging out. Silvia is beyond ticked at his total lack of respect. Even so, she angrily flashes Jayrock in an attempt to get it out of his system.

That backfires as the site of her big tits gets Jayrock hard. As he sits there rubbing his cock, Silvia knows he is more interested in Sex Lessons From Mama. Eventually, Silvia tells him to just Cum For Mommy and get it over with. By now, she’s unhappy about her pervy and uninspired stepson stalling. So she whips out the goods again and jiggles them for Jayrock while telling him to think about his Step Moms Big Tits. When Jayrock doesn’t immediately get his big load going, Silvia hikes up her skirt and gives him a front-row view of her hot wet pussy.

She repeatedly reminds Jayrock that his father would kill them if he knew what they were doing. Nevertheless, she wants Jayrock to hurry up and cum so they can resume his homeschooling. He’s still not cumming fast enough, so Silvia forcefully says she’ll handle the problem. Wrapping her hand and mouth around Jayrock’s throbbing cock, Silvia tries to yank his cum from within. It’s still not working, so Silvia resorts to what Jay has always wanted. Her milf pussy! Silvia tells Jayrock that he can stick it in, but only for a few pumps, and he’s done.

Silvia Saige Moms Teach Sex

Mom Makes Learning Fun - S14:E3

Sitting on his dick, Silvia rides Jayrock and soon realizes she’s enjoying herself. She climbs off long enough to stroke and suck her juices off Jayrock, then re-mounts him in reverse cowgirl. Jayrock now grabs that hot piece of ass as his mommy rides him hard. Getting on her back on the couch, Silvia spreads herself wide for Jayrock to pump her pussy balls deep. Next, she flips over for some doggy, then returns to her back. This allows Jayrock to bring her to orgasm one final time before pulling out to cum all over her tits and face. Now that Jayrock has finally blown his load, he agrees to let the best teacher ever, Silvia Saige, teach him whatever she wants. His hot mom makes learning fun!

Actors: Silvia Saige