Getting Fucked Right Under Moms Nose!

Izzy Bell and her stepbrother, Chad Alva, can’t stop arguing with one another. Chad’s mom, super MILF Krissy Lynn, is sick of their bickering. She suggests that they try playing a board game in order to bond with one another. She sets them up with a game, then tells them the goal is not to get off first. WTF? She relocates to the other side of the room to make sure that they play fair.

Chad winds up with his hand down Izzy’s pants while Izzy strokes his hard dick as they both try to get the other off first. When Krissy goes to get Izzy a glass of water, Izzy whips Chad’s gorgeous cock out and sucks him to total hardness. Then she bends over the counter so Chad can fuck her from behind with his impressive cock. Falling forward with the force of her passion, Izzy explodes in orgasm just as Krissy walks back into the room, forcing her to cum as quietly as possible.

Later, Izzy tries to use Chad’s shower when he challenges her to one-up his sex skills. She takes him up on it, sucking him off with her pouty lips before peeling off her panties. Shortly thereafter, she climbs aboard for a no-holds-barred bare teen pussy cock rodeo ride. It’s not long before she explodes again. Knowing she has to take Chad with her, she strokes him off until he covers her tits with a big sticky cumshot.

Actors: Izzy Bell