Hosed By Mom!

Hosed By Mom

Alana Cruise, Jasmine Grey Moms Teach Sex

Jasmine Grey and her adopted brother Tyler Nixon can’t stop fighting, but when Tyler’s stepmom Alana Cruise sends the siblings to their room, their anger turns into hot fooling around. It starts with a kiss, but they’re both naked, and Tyler has his hands and mouth all over Jasmine’s pussy. Alana walks in and finds the kids getting along but engaging in bad behavior. Disgusted, she takes them both to the bathroom to get Hosed by Mom because they’re dirty.

Tyler pops a boner in the shower as Alana tries to teach him a lesson. Enraged, she takes him to the bedroom and scolds him, but he can’t stop staring at her mature boobs. Distracted By Dick, Alana eventually gets sick of it and whips her tits out so Tyler can satisfy his sexual curiosity. This only hardens his shaft. Perplexed, she decides to suck him off to make his hard-on disappear. Jasmine walks in and sees them going, dropping her towel in shock. She insists that her teenage pussy get a piece of the action, or she’ll tell her dad.

Alana and Tyler are open to reason, so both girls decide to work together as a group, blowing Tyler. He finally gets the chance to sink balls deep into both of their pussies. First fucking his hot stepmom and then letting his adopted sister ride his pleasure pole. The girls feast on each other as they let Tyler do as he pleases o release his pent u sperm. It’s been A Long Time Cumming, and Alana insists on having the first taste as he sprays a ta[e-measure cum rope all over her face and Jasmine’s ass.

Alana Cruise, Jasmine Grey Moms Teach Sex

Hosed By Mom - S11:E2

Petite teen Jasmine Grey personifies the definition of fun-sized. This fit and fuckable Filipina knows how to use her small stature and tight Asian teen pussy to her sensual advantage. Everything about this super sweet spinner will have you searching for dirty words in the Tagalog language!