Step Sister Gets Ghost Slimed!

Step Sister Gets Ghost Slimed

Step Sister Gets Ghost Slimed - S17:E7

Andi Rose and her friend Jazmin Luv have decided to do some Halloween ghost-hunting. They change into sexy ghost hunter outfits and wander the house on film, looking for paranormal evidence. When Jazmin’s stepbrother, Kyle Mason, tries to ask what they’re doing, the girls get mouthy with him. Kyle leaves them alone, only long enough to hatch a Step Sister Gets Ghost Slimed prank.

He decks a room out in some stick-on dildos and hides in the closet to wait for the girls to find them. The girls eventually come into the room, just as Kyle had hoped, and they get up close and personal. He has rigged one of the dildos to blow a sticky load, and when both girls are staring at it, he sets off the trigger. Jazmin gets a face full of ghost slime.

Jazmin is pissed. She turns on Kyle, claiming he only did this because he has a tiny “slimer” that he’s too embarrassed to show them. Andi backs Jazmin up, which prompts Kyle to whip it out. Jazmin is grossed out, but Andi can see Kyle’s big cock. Now she wants to get slimed by the real thing. Pushing Kyle onto his back, Andi starts sucking.

At first, Jazmin isn’t into it, but Andi talks her into it. Soon enough, the girls are working together to suck dick. Andi isn’t satisfied with the cock in her mouth for long when she knows she can peel off her ghost-hunting outfit and impale herself on the dick. Leaning back, she bounces away as Jazmin loves on both her and Kyle. Then, Andi yields her friends stepbrothers big cock so Jazmin can take a turn enjoying a ride.

Andi Rose & Jazmin Luv Step Siblings Caught

Andi Rose, Jazmin Luv Step Siblings Caught

The girls switch things up again when Jazmin gets on her hands and knees so Kyle can fuck her tight teenage pussy from behind. The new position lets Jazmin bury her face between Andi’s thighs, feasting on her friend as she gets fucked. Andi eventually finds herself on her back, with Kyle again giving it to her young pussy. Jazmin helps hold his stepsisters legs back so Kyle can give her one last pink porn pussy pounding. When Andi finally orgasms, Kyle pulls out, ready to spray his slime. The girls share Kyle’s cock for one last blowjob. It doesn’t take long before they receive a cum in their mouths that they share through a step sister gets ghost slimed cum swapping kiss.

Actors: Andi Rose / Jazmin Luv