Cum Play With Me!

Cum Play With Me

Cum Play With Me - S21:E2

Cum Play with Me begins with Paige Owens and Juan Loco playing a word game as they wait for Juan’s sexy stepsister. Bratty Sis Liz Jordan is upstairs preparing for their New Year’s party. Juan complains about how long Liz is taking, as Paige takes the opportunity to spell out lots of sexually suggestive words. Juan won’t take the hint Paige is trying to lie down. Eventually, she spells it out for him. Liz has a big crush on him and wants to fuck him.

While Juan absorbs that revelation, Liz comes down in a “fuck me” dress. She doubles down on Paige’s hint, telling Juan she’s getting dicked down tonight. Be it him or someone at the fuck party. Juan shoots back by spelling out B-I-G D-I-C-K! Liz and Paige insist on seeing it for themselves. Pushing Juan onto the couch, the girls pop his cock out. Both are amazed over how big it is between slurps as they suck his engorged shaft.

Liz leads the way, with Paige backing her BFF up as both girls display impressive oral sex skills. Next, Liz hikes up her scantily clad skirt. Then Paige helps her BFF climb onto Juan’s lap. Hungry for cock, she slides down until her teenage pussy is fully impaled. Rubbing her BBF’s clit and licking her teen tits, Paige helps double down on Liz’s pleasure. When Liz climbs off Juan’s throbbing member, Paige licks his dick clean, savoring the young pussy juice. Then climbs aboard for a rigid cock ride of her own.

Paige Owens, Liz Jordan Bratty Sis

Paige Owens, Liz Jordan Bratty Sis

She gets down on her hands and knees next so that Juan can give it to her from behind. As Liz moans in delight, Paige arranges herself so that Liz can muffle her moans in Paige’s pink porn snatch. The girls switch it up so that stepsis Liz can enjoy Juan’s hardon again. After ensuring Liz enjoys herself, Paige climbs to ride Liz’s mouth so her friend can tongue fuck her. As soon as Paige achieves orgasm, she cradles Liz’s shoulders as Juan reaches his popping point. Pulling out, Juan busts his nut all over stepsister Liz’s teens get fucked bush to end their cum play with me threesome.