Mom Makes Us Play Nurse!

Mom Makes Us Play Nurse

Lily Larimar, Jessica Ryan Moms Teach Sex

Codey Steele has just returned from a doctor’s appointment with his adopted mom, Jessica Ryan. Jessica is upset because Codey popped a boner during the examination. She drags Codey home and sits him on the couch beside his stepsister, Lily Larimar. Jessica has an idea of how to fix the problem. She leaves the room and returns with a hospital gown for Codey to put on right here, in front of his adopted mom and step sister. It’s time for Mom Makes Us Play Nurse!

When Jessica sees Lily laughing, she tells Lily that she will play nurse to try to help teach Codey self-control. Under Jessica’s instruction, Lily gets on her knees and takes Codey’s pulse. At the same time, Jessica tells Codey many things not to think about. When that tactic doesn’t work, Jessica tells Lily to give Codey a non-sexual release (aka handjob) while in the same breath instructing Codey not to enjoy himself.

Jessica isn’t happy with Lily’s sister nurse technique, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. Literally! When Codey claims he isn’t getting close to cumming, Jessica gets Lily to peel off her shorts and thong and climb aboard his dick. It’s hard to believe, but Lily doesn’t finish the job. So Jessica takes over riding Codey’s fuck rod. With his hot adopted mom on her knees before him, Codey gives it to her. Jessica leans forward to eat out Lily’s skinny teen pussy. Meanwhile, her pink porn pussy is getting banged from behind.

Moms Teach Sex Jessica Ryan, Lily Larimar

Mom Makes Us Play Nurse - S15:E3

Then Lily takes a turn with Codey buried between her thighs while Jessica supports Lily’s head on her Big Tits. Codey still hasn’t gotten off. So Jessica pushes him onto the couch. Then climbs aboard to ride his stiff dick. She has to admit she’s satisfied, and so is Lily. So instead of continuing to fuck Codey, the girls get on their knees and suck him off until he gives them a mouthful of cum to snowball. Lily and Jessica assure Codey they can always help him with a release. Pay Attention to Family Swap and My Family Pies for more taboo roleplay sex!