Whatever You Wish!

Whatever You Wish

Veronica Leal, Zazie Step Siblings Caught

Nikki Nutz has a new European family since his dad remarried. He has traveled from America to visit Veronica Leal, his new stepsis. When Nikki arrives, he meets not only Veronica but also her friend, Zazie. It’s immediately apparent that there are sparks between the girls and Nikki. However, Veronica tries to hold back because she thinks being with her brother is weird. As soon as Nikki realizes he has a chance, he moves to pursue both girls to make his Whatever You Wish threesome dreams come true.

Nikki gets his opportunity as the girls join him in two hot dresses. With Nikki’s encouragement, the girls turn around and show off their asses. They even lift their skirts for him. Nikki moves on Zazie first, drawing her in for a kiss. Veronica declines to kiss Nikki, but she will kiss her friend. Nikki is nice and hard after watching the girls make out, so Zazie has him sit on the couch. Sitting beside Nikki, Zazie spreads her thighs so that Veronica can eat her out as Zazie strokes and sucks Nikki’s dick.

Veronica is still not ready to commit to fucking her stepbrother. So Zazie lays down with her head on Veronica’s belly. With Nikki buried between her thighs. Veronica can’t help but masturbate while watching her BFF get fucked! As it turns out, Veronica doesn’t want to miss out on the fun. She is eventually coaxed into tasting Nikki’s fuck stick. Zazie even joins her for a double blowjob! Then Veronica finally gets the chance to ride her hot stepbro as she continues to dine on Zazie’s tight teen pussy.

Zazie, Veronica Leal Step Siblings Caught

Whatever You Wish - S15:E2

When Zazie climbs aboard for a reverse cowgirl ride, Veronica plays with her girlfriend’s clit to ensure she orgasms. Then Veronica lays on her side with Nikki spooned behind her and Zazie lapping at her clit to help her get off. After sucking Veronica’s juices from stepbrothers Nikki’s glistening dick, Zazie turns around on her hands and knees to take him from behind as she muff dives with Veronica. Mutually satisfied, the girls work together to deliver a blowjob for Nikki that continues until he gives them a sticky facial. Smiling, the girls snowball the Whatever You Wish taboo treat.

Actors: Veronica Leal / Zazie