Working It Out With Mom!

Working It Out With Mom

Savannah Sixx, Krissy Lynn Moms Teach Sex

Savannah Sixx and her stepmom Krissy Lynn have to work out. But first, Savannah takes a video call with her boyfriend, Tyler Nixon. They talk about spicing up their sex life, and Tyler suggests a three-way with Savannah’s stepmom. Savannah denies him, and he seems to accept that. They hang up so Savannah can join Krissy in their working it out with mom routine.

Tyler arrives early, and Savannah goes to let him in while Krissy continues her workout. Krissy tells Tyler to take a seat and wait for them to finish up. Krissy can’t help but look at Tyler while she guides Savannah through their workout. Savannah tries to get her stepmom to stop, but Krissy has decided she likes Tyler and is more than wise enough to know that Tyler likes her, too.

Krissy’s husband has been neglecting her lately, so she takes the opportunity to ask for Tyler’s help stretching. That gives Krissy the chance to get handsy. When she supposedly accidentally feels Tyler’s erection, Krissy makes up an excuse to pull it out and start sucking it. Savannah is upset, but she eventually lets Krissy draw her in so they can both suck Tyler off.

Now that they’ve already gotten into such a compromising situation, Savannah finally agrees to Tyler’s and Krissy’s desire for a threesome. She lets her stepmom have the first go on Tyler’s dick, with him fucking her doggy style as Krissy eats Savannah out. Then Savannah rests in her mommy’s arms as Krissy rubs Savannah’s big boobs, and Tyler delivers a tight pink teen pussy pounding.

Moms Teach Sex Workout

Working It Out With Mom - S11:E4

Eventually, Krissy sifts her position, so she is riding Savannah’s face. When Krissy Lynn and Savannah Sixx switch spots, Savannah turns around to ride her mom’s mouth in reverse cowgirl. Finally, Tyler takes his place in the middle, with Savannah straddling his dick and Krissy’s mature pussy in his mouth. When both girls have climaxed, they deliver another double blowjob to bring Tyler to the brink of cumming. Now Krissy can guide his cumshot all over her stepdaughter’s beautiful face.