Mom Gets Jealous!

Mom Gets Jealous

London River, Vina Sky Moms Teach Sex

Stepson AJ is not feeling the love with his new stepmom, self-absorbed MILF London River. London is the consummate wannabe social media influencer. She constantly snaps sexy selfies to upload to the Working Mom Photo Contest. London’s hubby calls and asks if she can make lunch for Aj and his new girlfriend, Vina Sky. Instead, she orders takeout, hoping the young lovers will leave her alone. That’s When Things Go Too Far, and Mom Gets Jealous!

London can see the two flirting, sucking noodles, and kissing together. She tries to take charge, telling AJ to take pictures of her as the photos get more and more sexually explicit. Vina then interrupts the inappropriate activity. She informs the hot stepmom she risks getting banned with milf spreading photos. You can’t upload naked milf pics on Insta. London then instructs Vina to make herself useful by cleaning up. Then she accidentally sprays at the kitchen sink, wetting her white tank top. Seeing Vina’s see-through small tits gets AJ nice and hard. When London sees that AJ has a hard-on for his girlfriend instead of her, she is in disbelief.

After all, she has been flashing her tits at him and spreading her pussy lips with no reaction at all. London is too jealous to think straight. In a rage of jealousy, she pulls AJ’s pants and gives him a handjob! Stroking him off, she makes AJ cum on the floor before Vina. Later, the milf mom can’t stop thinking about AJ’s big cock during her milf Masturbation session. She calls her well-hung stepson into the bedroom, followed by his little fucktoy. She needs to cum and wants to see them fuck. Vina can’t help becoming aroused. Especially after seeing AJ’s stepmom sucking her boyfriend’s lengthy dick.

Eventually, she joins the Cock Hungry Stepmom as the girls deliver an older-younger blowjob. Then, London cradles Vina as she lays back and spreads her legs wide for AJ to pound her tight Asian teen pussy. After London has Vina situated, she licks her clit before climbing onto Vina’s face. Now she can watch her stepson fucking Vina while simultaneously getting her milf pussy licked. Then London gets on her knees as AJ buries himself deep from behind in her greedy mature pussy.

London River, Vina Sky Moms Teach Sex

Mom Gets Jealous - S14:E10

Vina Sky enjoys having her pussy feasted upon as London gets hammered doggy style. However, she wants to indulge in AJ’s hard-on cowgirl style. AJ lays on the bed so Vina can ride his pleasure pony hard, which she enthusiastically does as London River laps at anything she can get her tongue on. In return, London gets one last reverse cowgirl ride on AJ’s manhood. London finally has her much-needed climax. Vina tastes freshly fucked blonde milf pussy as she cleans her boyfriend’s cock. Leaning forward, she shoves her big milf tits in Vina’s face so that AJ has a mature boob landing pad for his second big cum load of the day!