Taking Charge Of My Step Sisters!

Taking Charge Of My Step Sisters

Kate Rich, Lady D Step Siblings Caught

Charlie Dean’s dad recently remarried, and now this American has learned that he has not one but two stepsisters. Kate Rich and her adopted sister, Lady D, are eager to meet their American stepbrother when he visits. Both girls are immature, so when their parents go away for the weekend, they leave Charlie in charge of them. Rather than obey Charlie’s orders, Kate and Lady D decide to do whatever they want to get him to fuck them. The girls start their plan by taking a bath together. So begins Taking Charge Of My Step Sisters.

Naked in the tub, they splash, pinch one another’s nipples, and make a ruckus until Charlie tells them to cut it out. He wants to get dinner, not wait on the girls messing around with each other in the bath. When he marches them out of their bedroom and tries to convince them to put their clothes on. The girls stand naked until Kate steps forward and pulls Charlie’s pants down. The next thing he knows, Charlie has both girls on their knees in front of him, taking turns sucking his dick and balls while enjoying their mouthfuls of dick.

Taking advantage of Charlie’s confusion, Kate and Lady D lead him to bed. Lady D gets onto her back, so Charlie can give in to their urging to slide on home into her teenage pussy. Kate guides Charlie until he’s right where they want him. Then she climbs onto Lady D’s face, riding her stepsis as her young pussy grows nice and juicy. When Kate is dripping wet, the girls switch places so they can each enjoy themselves further. Then Lady D gets on her knees for Charlie to give it to her from behind, doggy style.

Lady D and Kate Rich – Step Siblings Caught

Taking Charge Of My Step Sisters - S14:E2

Charlie delivers the climax Lady D is craving, so she hops off to let Kate have a turn. Kate pushes Charlie onto the bed so she can climb aboard for a cock ride that gives her a much-needed orgasm. After both girls are finally satisfied, they combine their forces to deliver a sisterly blowjob. Soon they will share the creamy treat of Charlie’s Taking Charge Of My Step Sisters cum.

Actors: Kate Rich / Lady D