Seduced By My Girlfriends Stepmom!

Seduced By My Girlfriends Stepmom

Jenny Wild, Tiny Tina Moms Teach Sex

Stanley Johnson is on vacation in Seduced By My Girlfriends Stepmom. And he’s having the time of his life. He met sexy teen Jenny Wild while traveling in the Czech Republic. After a week together, Jenny took Stanley home to meet her hot stepmom, Tiny Tina. Their dinner meeting gets hot and heavy as Tiny Tina flirts with Stanley right before Jenny. The European MILF goes so far as pantomiming deep-throating a cucumber, flashing her tits, and showing off her meaty pussy. Tiny Tina leaves nothing on the table!

Flustered, Stanley tries to leave the room to get some fresh air. However, Tiny Tina follows him and goes straight for his big dick. Pulling Stanley’s pants down, Tiny Tina starts stroking his young cock. She sinks to her knees and opens wide to give her daughter’s boyfriend a milf blowjob. Sucking Stanley’s manhood gets Tiny Tina even hotter. She pushes Stanley onto the bed, hikes up her skirt, and impales herself on his rigid rod. As Tiny Tina is writhing in pleasure, Jenny walks in.

Jenny tries to act surprised, but it turns out that having a Family Threesome is nothing new to Tiny Tina and Jenny. Stanley has found himself in the midst of every man’s dream. Two-for-one mother-daughter sex! The taboo twosome tag-team him, blowing Stanley together. When they switch positions, Stanley can finger-fuck them both. Since Tiny Tina already has a turn with the fuck stick, it’s her stepdaughters turn. Falling to her side, Jenny’s teenage pussy enjoys some spooning sex.

Jenny Wild, Tiny Tina Moms Teach Sex

Seduced By My Girlfriends Stepmom - S13:E10

Next, it’s Tiny Tina’s turn for some more Family Fucking as she lays down with her sexy legs spread wide to welcome Stanley again deep inside. Climbing on her stepmom, Stanley gets a double-stack pussy buffet. When both girls are sexually satisfied, they work together, with Jenny stroking Stanley’s shaft and Tiny Tina sucking his balls. Finally, he rewards them with A Family Affair facial as they savor the flavor of the salty treat.

Actors: Jenny Wild / Tiny Tina