Labor Day Picnic Gets Sexual!

Labor Day Picnic Gets Sexual

Bratty Sis Penelope Kay, Anna Claire Clouds

Penelope Kay and Anna Claire Clouds are preparing for their annual Labor Day picnic. Penelope’s stepbrother, Codey Steele, decides it’s time for a Step Sibling Prank War. He sneaks up behind them and sprays cleaner on their shapely asses. Joking, he tells them the label says to spray on flat surfaces. This obviously pisses both girls off. They return the favor by teasing him and pretending they want to fuck him. Actually, they want to fuck with him! When he becomes aroused, they will leave him with blue balls after showing him their butts aren’t flat. It won’t be long before this Labor Day Picnic Gets Sexual!

Walking to Codey’s room, the girls say they’re not mad at him anymore and want to become friends. It’s time to Fuck And Make Up. Surprisingly, they ask him to join their Labor Day picnic. Everything they do at their indoor picnic is sensual and sexual. Codey is perplexed but enjoys how they share grapes while caressing their bodies. They realize Codey is getting sweaty and are worried he has a fever as they tug him into the living room. Codey stands in disbelief as his stepsis and her hot friend strip him naked, allegedly to cool him down.

When his dick springs free, Anna realizes it’s a really nice cock and wants it. She’s already on her knees, so she begins sucking it, to the dismay of her BFF. Penelope knows it’s wrong. Even so, once Codey promises not to tell, she joins the Labor Day blowjob festivities. Now that they’re wet with sexual excitement, the girls decide it’s time to get the sex party started. There’s plenty of pseudo-lesbian action as the girls help each other flaunt their teen tits while they take turns sucking Codey’s throbbing manhood.

Bratty Sis Anna Claire Clouds, Penelope Kay

Labor Day Picnic Gets Sexual - S24:E2

Then Penelope helps Anna to turn around and sink onto his dick in reverse cowgirl. Anna impales and bounces away while Penelope kisses her lips and frantically rubs her clit to orgasm. Then she takes a spin on her stepbro’s glistening cock in cowgirl with Anna’s assistance. Laying down, Anna welcomes Codey between her legs with Penelope’s sweet teen pussy lips on her face. Penelope takes another go with Codey as Anna rubs Penelope’s nub and commands him to cum. Codey then pulls out and drops a massive load on Penelope’s stomach. Anna quickly laps the spooge and snowballs it with her BFF to enjoy his Labor Day Home For Dessert creamy treat.