Whose Butt Is Better?

Whose Butt Is Better

Whose Butt Is Better - S17:E10

Jazmin Luv and her BFF Alicia Williams are having fun on their phones. She asks Alecia what she’s up to, and Alecia explains that she’s taking pictures for her social media because her ass looks fantastic in those shorts. Jazmin points out that those are her shorts and that her booty looks way better. Next, both girls start arguing over Whose Butt is Better? It’s a challenging question, so they decide to seek an expert opinion when they can’t settle it between themselves.

Jazmin’s stepbrother, Quinton James, is the most straightforward guy for them to ask, so they barge on into his room. Quinton was mid-masturbation when the girls came in, but he managed to hide it fast enough. Jazmin and Alicia confront Quinton and demand that he tell them which one has a better ass. He eventually says it’s Jazmin, but not by much.

The girls then need to know who has better teen tits. Alicia takes the opportunity to pull up her shirt and let her cute titties pop out. Jazmin is surprised, but she’s not about to let Alicia win by default, so off comes her shirt, too. Quinton claims he still can’t judge appropriately without feeling them. So they allow him to cop a feel. The competition then extends to having the better teenage pussy.

Then who can give the better blow job with Quinton as the only judge? When the girls decide to see who can fuck Quinton better, he’s happy to keep letting them compete. Jazmin gets the first shot at riding her stepbrothers hardon, but Alicia is behind her to take over. Jazmin returns to Quinton’s cock for a reverse cowgirl ride but then tags out again with Alicia.

Alicia Williams & Jazmin Luv Step Siblings Caught

Alicia Williams, Jazmin Luv Step Siblings Caught

BFF Alicia keeps getting her young pussy pounded on her back as she feasts on Jazmin’s dripping snatch. When the girls trade spots again, with stepsister Jazmin on her back enjoying Quinton’s dick and Alicia riding Jazmin’s mouth, they keep it up until they’re both satisfied sexually. Jazmin turns around so that her face is beneath Quinton’s balls as Alicia Williams covers her in a lesbian 69 with Quinton doing her pink porn pussy doggy style. That position lets Quinton get close to cumming to pull out and nut into Jazmin’s open mouth. The girls exchange a kiss to swap the jizz, knowing they’re more than hot enough. Let us know in the comments, Whose Butt is Better?