Stepsister Wants To Watch!

Stepsister Wants To Watch

Bratty Sis Stepsister Wants To Watch

Codey Steele has been fantasizing about his Bratty Sis Emma Starletto’s BFF for the longest time. Little does he know his stepsister wants to watch! Codey wanders into the kitchen and finds Emma hanging out with Lilly Bell. He’s super horny and can’t resist the thought of dreaming about the sexual possibilities. Emma isn’t feeling it, as she snaps Codey out of it. Later he attempts to make his move by asking her to help him hook up with Lilly.

Surprisingly, Emma agrees to put in a good word for Codey, on one condition. If she can watch them fuck if he manages to seal the deal. Codey does not think Emma is serious. However, he agrees to her somewhat awkward terms. A month later, Emma is suspicious that Lilly and Codey have been already been hooking up together. She decides to find out for herself to collect on their bargain.

Emma then sneaks a peek when they go to the bedroom together. Lilly does not notice Emma, but Codey does. He attempts to get Emma to go away as Lilly gives him a blowjob. Instead of leaving, Emma just unsnaps her shorts so she can masturbate while her best friend gives her stepbrother head. Lilly then gets up and impales herself on Codey’s cock while Emma slides into the bedroom for a better view.

Lilly Bell is still oblivious to Emma’s presence as Emma begins licking Codey’s balls. When she realizes what’s taking place, she’s excited to invite Emma to participate for a stepsibling threesome. The women seal the deal with a kiss. Then Lilly climbs off Codey so that Emma can delight in Codey’s nice cock. After they bump uglies for a while, Lilly gets another go when she gets on her knees to have Codey fuck her doggy style as she muff dives Emma’s sweet pink teen pussy juices.

Bratty Sis Threesome Creampie

Step Sister Wants To Watch - S18:E3

Emma wants some more cock and spreads her thighs for Codey so that he can resume fucking her. Meanwhile, Lilly gets on top of Emma’s mouth to ride her bestie’s face. Lilly hops off as Codey pushes deep and nuts Emma with a huge creampie. Lilly leans forward to lap the savory sex treat from Codey’s cum covered stepsister. The BFFs then snowball together for our viewing pleasure. For more Emma Starletto and Lilly Bell creampies, be sure and check out Princess Cum!