While Mothers Away!

While Mothers Away

Paisley Porter Step Siblings Caught

Paisley Porter and her stepdad, Marcus London, have a strained parental relationship. Marcus is picking Paisley up again late, leaving her to stand alone in the California heat. When Marcus arrives, he can’t believe what his bigtit stepdaughter is wearing. He immediately criticizes her outfit, saying he might need to dress her While Mothers Away. That gets Paisley all hot and bothered between her legs. She falls asleep on the way home and dreams of putting Marcus’s hands between her legs and letting him finger fuck her greedy teen pussy.

When they arrive home, Paisley hops into the shower and plans on Teaching Daddy A Lesson. Soon, she is masturbating to her taboo fantasy. Marcus walks in on Paisley when she’s moaning in masturbation ecstasy and sees her since she left the bathroom door wide open. He tries to call her out, but Paisley defends her forgetful self. Marcus doesn’t know it yet but has fallen for Paisley’s seduction plan. The next day, when Marcus picks Paisley up, she is caught smoking. Marcus doesn’t want her smelling up his car, so she hops into the backseat.

Once Paisley is seated, she tells Marcus it will be Bad For Dad if doesn’t finger her bald teen pussy right now. If not, she will show her mom the video she took of Marcus perving on her beautiful teen body in the shower.  They arrive home, and Paisley gets what she wants when they hit the bedroom. Now that Daddy is in a compromising situation, he must do the dirty with his daughter. Paisley gets on her knees and sucks his big cock like she’s been dreaming of. Then she commands Marcus to lick her wet teen pussy lips.

Paisley Porter Step Siblings Caught

While Mothers Away - S14:E3

Marcus rolls over so Paisley can deep-throat him, and the promise of her Dad’s dick inside her is too much. Paisley climbs on top and impales her hot teen pussy. Marcus enjoys his slutty daughter even more when he pounds Paisley from behind. Then he flips her back to give her the orgasm she’s desperately craved. As her tight teen pussy clenches on his cock, he can’t hold back. Marcus pulls out and drops his load all over Paisley’s big boobs. Now the taboo twosome can’t wait until the next time to fuck while Mothers away. This Happy Stepfathers Day Daddy will never be the same! 😉

Actors: Paisley Porter