Petite Pick Up Lizzie Bell!

Petite Pick Up Lizzie Bell

Lizzie Bell is all giggles and grins when the ride she asked for arrives to take her to the store. The luscious dirty blonde finally finishes with her last purchase and it’s time to return home. However, when she attempts to pay her chauffeur her credit card is declined! Because she doesn’t have any type of cash, Lizzie offers to show the driver her boobs. Driver XXX has been through this before and gladly accepts! Off comes her tee shirt and her bra, exposing a pair of totally natural teenage tits. After another store run, Lizzie fails to come up with any cash to pay for her fare. Knowing she’s in deep shit, Lizzie Bell decides to barter her tight pink teen pussy as payment for her ride.

Making good on her offer, Lizzie Bell strips off her miniskirt, panties and places her pink pussy on display from the back seat. Once the blonde coed checks out her teen twat, she can’t control her sexual urges and begins masturbating her sensitive clit! Driver XXX is quick to pull over for a better and safer view of the backseat masturbation teen pussy show. He joins Lizzie Bell in the back seat, making it very easy for her to pull his trousers down. Once Driver XXX cock is released, Lizzie provides him with a blowjob worth ten rides! Once she has his dick all hard and ready, she climbs onto his lap and begins bouncing away on his gear shift.

Lizzie Bell Pays Her Fare

From there it doesn’t take long for the mutual moans of passion to fill the air in stereo sound. Hotter than ever before, Lizzie gets down on her hands and knees, screeching with orgasmic delight as Driver XXX pounds her tight teen pussy into climatic bliss! When she has had her pleasure, Lizzie Bell rolls onto her back and gives Driver XXX unlimited freedom to batter away until she pays for her time in his car. Soon he can not hold his cum back one more minute. Pulling out just in time, he splatters his baby batter onto Lizzie’s mid-section along with a few well-placed globs of cum on her face. Totally spent, Driver XXX and Lizzie Bell’s facial expressions acknowledge that the fare is paid in full!

Actors: Lizzie Bell