Natalia Queen Stepbrother Gets Her Pregnant!

Natalia Queen Stepbrother Gets Her Pregnant

Bratty Sis Natalia Queen

Natalia Queen knocks on her stepbrother Brad Sterling’s door to inform him something no man wants to hear! They fucked a month earlier when Brad was blackout drunk. Now, she’s giving birth to baby Brad in nine months. She suggests they tell his mama, Claudia Monet, over their morning meal. The next morning, Natalia prompts Brad to share her wonderful news, yet Brad rejects the whole thing, especially fatherhood. Claudia rises to obtain a drink, which provides Natalia an opportunity to attempt to coax Brad into disclosing the incestuous outcome.

He rejects, so Natalia pushes the subject by asking if Claudia has noticed exactly how well the two siblings are getting along. After that Natalia accidentally on purpose drops some cutlery and asks Brad to obtain it due to the fact that she shouldn’t bend over in her condition. While Brad is under the table, Natalia makes sexy gestures at him. Brad excuses himself, incapable to take it anymore.

A while later, Natalia calls her BFF to tell her about exactly how effective her prank was. Natalia’s friend recommends that she convince Brad they need to get married and should practice parenting together. The close friend also desires naked images of them together. Natalia consents to try, so she gets into her pajamas and waits in Brad’s bed to see if she can seduce her own stepbrother.

Natalia Queen peels off her t-shirt and asks if he wishes to see her tight pink teen pussy such as this each day. After that, she lays back and also shows him her meaty shaved pink pussy. Natalia films as Brad strips but drops her phone and goes to find it. That’s when Brad slides into her tight wet teen pussy from behind. Natalia wasn’t anticipating it to go this far. However, once she obtains a taste of Brad’s cock she’s incredibly into it. She then gladly takes doggy style dick, moaning her taboo pleasure with each deep stroke.

Bratty Sis Natalia Queen Creampie

Natalia Queen Fucking Stepbrother

Then she gets on her back and also lifts her legs high airborne so Brad can pound her. After a quick BJ, Natalia climbs onto Brad’s fuck stick and rides him as her tan-lined titties bounce. He holds her in position with his big hands on her hips, pistoning in and out of her until he responds to her pleas to cum inside her. Satisfied with her creampie, Natalia confesses the whole maternity was a big fucking prank. Nubiles-Porn does is again as another Bratty Sis episode cums to a close!

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