One Time Before Band Camp!

One Time Before Band Camp

Kenzie Reeves, Lulu Chu Step Siblings Caught

Lulu Chu has a horny step bro, Damon Dice. She and her friend Kenzie Reeves are preparing for the One Time Before Band Camp competition. Kenzie tells Lulu she should ask her brother or some since he is in a few of the bands. Lulu reluctantly agrees. Kenzie asks Damon for pointers as the tight teens take out their flutes. However, he can’t resist giving them the famous One Time at Band Camp line from Alyson Hannigan. Then Lulu realizes that Damon is perving on Kenzie’s petite teen tits.

When Lulu calls Damon out, he says he’ll only help them with one condition if the girls show him their supple teen boobies. Kenzie is more than ready to do it, but Lulu reluctantly agrees to show her pierced tits. Damon tells both girls to get their flutes out, tops still off. While Lulu turns her back, Kenzie becomes Distracted By Dick while stroking her woodwind. When Lulu turns around and sees her stepbrother’s hand touching her friend’s teen pussy, she freaks out and leaves the room. That’s okay. Even though there is no Lesbian or Group sex this time, it gives Kenzie and Damon a chance to finish what they’re started.

Kenzie entices Damon back to work by rubbing her wet teen pussy lips until he returns his attention to her. When he leans in to start licking, Kenzie holds Damon’s hair head in place until she cums. Then Kenzie takes her time wrapping her lips around Damon’s instrument, deep-throating his big cock dick with delight. That’s all the warmup they need to start their symphony of fucking. Kenzie’s first movement starts by climbing onto Damon’s dick and impaling her greedy teenage pussy with his fuck stick.

Lulu Chu, Kenzie Reeves Step Siblings Caught

One Time Before Band Camp - S14:E5

She starts in reverse cowgirl, frantically rubbing her clit to another climax. She then turns around and leans forward cowgirl style with her big nipples in Damon’s face. Swapping spots with Damon, Kenzie spreads her legs wide to entice him back inside. Then she gets onto her hands and knees so Damon can take her doggy-style for her third orgasm. Her pulsing pink porn pussy gives Damon the inspiration for his final movement. He cannot control his fuck baton any longer as he pulls out and drops his nut on her sexy teen ass. Now that Kenzie Reeves has given Damon everything he wants, he finally agrees to help her and Lulu Chu with the One Time Before Band Camp project.

Actors: Kenzie Reeves