Ms Faris Bratty Sis Sharing Is Caring!

Ms Faris Bratty Sis Sharing Is Caring!

Ms Faris has to share a washroom with her stepbrother Jason, so she maximizes sibling tension by not giving a damn. She then pees in front of Jason as he is brushing his teeth. Jason is totally grossed out and lets her know it. Ms Faris doesn’t give one hot damn and proceeds to seductively peel off her remaining clothes before climbing up right into the shower. Rather than being self-conscious, she teases her stepbrother for playing it cool while his dick continues to grow!

Ms Faris soaps up her hard body as her pink pussy is clean and ready for action. Jason’s hard cock is proof that he wants to fuck his sibling. Jason tries to deny the lust but, his throbbing member tells otherwise. Ms Faris sets out to confirm that she’s right and he has the hots for her teen pussy. Once squeaky clean, Ms Faris is seen lying in bed with Jason wearing just her bra and panties. It doesn’t take long for Ms Faris to mentions Jason’s restored hardon. This smokin’ hot coed doesn’t care that Jason’s her stepbrother; he has a fine looking dick and wishes to suck it.

She provides him the blowjob he’s been yearning. Ms Faris then hops up on her knees and wiggle her hips as she slips her underwear off. Fast forward as we see Ms Faris nude from the waistline down. She then offers her pink teen pussy to Jason’s fuck rod and gives him a POV doggy style fuck from behind. Getting on her hands and knees so her heart-shaped ass is Jason’s to take, Ms Faris moans in pleasure as her twat is once more full of cock. Jason’s large prick between her thighs is something, yet when Jason presses his thumb into her rectum for some mild anal sex experimentation.

Bratty Sis Ms Faris

Ms Faris then turns over so she can look her brother in the eye as they fuck themselves silly. These two just can’t seem to get enough! Ms Faris then rolls onto her back as her body pulses, letting Jason bring her off to one last climax prior to filling his stepsister with a juicy creampie. Satisfied that she was uncanny in her assumption that her stepbrother wanted to fuck her, Ms Faris basks in the afterglow of a great taboo fuck. Ms Faris is a true Bratty Sis!

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