Teaching Daddy A Lesson!

Teaching Daddy A Lesson

Nikki Sweet Step Siblings Caught

Criss Simon can’t help but perving on his stepdaughter’s sexy young friends. When Nikki Sweet finds her stepdaddy masturbating to her friend who’s sunbathing in a bikini, she plans on Teaching Daddy A Lesson. She flashes her teen tits to see if he wants to fuck her, too. Later, Nikki becomes sexually aggressive when she turns on the shower and has trouble getting hot water. She calls Criss and then pulls her towel down to show him how the cold water makes her nipples hard. When Criss finally gets the water warmer, Nikki throws off the towel completely. This Is Awkward as she invites her fapping daddy into the shower, but he declines.

Later that evening, Nikki offers to spend the night with her stepfather since her mother is gone. Once again, Criss declines, but Nikki isn’t Competing With Mom. She just wants a hug and some cuddles like when she was younger. After a few minutes, Nikki rubs her hand on Criss’s stomach and heads south. She discovers his big hard-on and then encourages him to stop resisting her advances. Flashing her teen boobs with their nipples hard again, Nikki points out that she knows Criss is into girls her age. After all, he was perving on her best friend earlier.

She’s already stroking him despite Daddy’s protests, which weaken as Nikki pulls out Criss’s manhood and gives him the teen blowjob he’s been dreaming about. After partaking in his stepdaughter’s oral abilities, Criss cannot say no to taboo sex any longer. Now that Nikki has her dad where she wants him, she mounts his pleasure pony and starts riding cowgirl style. Criss is still apprehensive but gets into it when Nikki bounces away and shifts to reverse cowgirl. That tight hairy teen pussy is way better than Masturbation!

Nikki Sweet Step Siblings Caught

Teaching Daddy A Lesson - S13:E10

Getting Nikki Sweet onto her back, Criss takes the lead and slams home once again. They enjoy some spooning sex that turns into an older-younger 69. After more traditional sex positions, they get creative as Nikki finds herself balanced on her upper back while her stepdad jackhammers her teenage pussy from above. Finally satisfied, she finishes him with a Happy Stepfathers Day Daddy handjob until he’s ready to nut. Then she opens wide for a cum facial that drips from her mouth and down her chest.

Actors: Nikki Sweet