Mom His Dick Is Stuck In A Vacuum Cleaner!

Mom His Dick Is Stuck In A Vacuum Cleaner

Cory Chase, Tallie Lorain Moms Teach Sex

Blonde babe Tallie Lorain is on the phone with her boyfriend. She feels hot and bothered as they discuss their previous night’s sexual encounter. She is interrupted from her masturbation conversation when she hears a weird noise coming from her adopted brother, Codey Steele’s bedroom. When Tallie goes to investigate, Codey tries to tell her there’s nothing wrong. Tallie knows better. It won’t be long before she yells, Mom His Dick Is Stuck In A Vacuum Cleaner!

She flings off the covers from his bed and finds that he has his dick caught in the vacuum cleaner! Tallie goes to get her adopted mom, Cory Chase. Eventually, the two girls figure out that Codey “borrowed” his dad’s erection pills. That is why he’s been hard as a rock for five hours. Cory initially tries to tell Codey that he needs to go to the emergency room. When he refuses, she tells him that he needs to cum right away.

The girls step into the hall to wait it out, but Codey takes forever to blow his load. Eventually, they return to the room to see what’s taking so long. Cory ultimately suggests that since Tallie isn’t related to Codey, she should show some skin to help him out. Tallie agrees after a brief debate and flashes little teen titties. Cory pops her store-bought tits out, too.

Codey still can’t cum, so the girls move on to trying their hands at jerking him off. Stroking and sucking together don’t work, so the girls move on to more drastic measures. Peeling off their clothes, the girls try to fucking the blue pill out of Codey’s balls. Tallie climbs on first with Cory’s help, seating her tight teen pussy on Codey’s rock-hard cock to ride him.

Tallie Lorain, Cory Chase Moms Teach Sex

Mom His Dick Is Stuck In A Vacuum Cleaner - S13:E4

Mommy wants a turn next, so she takes Tallie’s place on Codey’s manhood and goes to town while Tallie cuddles behind her to double down on Cory’s fun. The girls go side by side on their knees next so Codey can have a pussy buffet to bang doggy style. Then stepsister Tallie lays down so Cory can feast on her teenage pussy as Codey bangs her from behind. Scooting forward, Tallie welcomes Codey back between her thighs as Cory lays down beside her. When it’s Cory’s turn to enjoy Codey’s charms again, she’s all delighted and moans as Codey brings her off. He’s finally ready to blow his load, so Tallie leans in to ensure she gets her brother’s love juice all over her face.