Step Brothers Trick And Treat!

Step Brothers Trick And Treat

Lily Larimar, Kylie Rocket Step Siblings Caught

Kylie Rocket and her friend Lily Larimar have dressed in slutty Halloween XXX outfits for Step Brothers Trick And Treat. Kylie’s hot mom wants to show her spirit and asks the girls to put a scarecrow out for trick-or-treaters. However, Kyle decides they should have some XXX Halloween porn fun beforehand. She leaves for a minute and returns, holding a big dildo that she uses for practice. She plans on putting it on the scarecrow as she jokingly asks Show Us Your Cock. The girls take turns sucking the fake cock, then put it into the scarecrow’s pants. Lily sucks the dildo a bit more as Kylie gets to her feet.

She then lifts her miniskirt and starts riding the sex toy. Kylie then talks Lily into taking a turn, saying how good it feels inside her tight teen pussy! Maybe they went a little too far to Just Stick It In. Kylie gets Lily to come out of the room. What they don’t know is that while they are checking the candy, Kylie’s stepbrother, Nathan Bronson, enters the room. He puts himself in the scarecrow outfit with his real cock sticking out. Lily wants to play with their sex toy one last time, but when she finds out it’s a real dick, she keeps it to herself. She starts sucking in a wet and wild blowjob, lifts her skirt, and rides the scarecrow (Nathan) in reverse doggy.

Kylie notices that Lily is having a great time as the dick slides between her bald teen pussy lips. She comes over to watch and slips her hand beneath her skirt to masturbate. Then Kylie has had enough masturbation, and she insists on having a turn. However, Lily doesn’t think it is such a great idea though. Pulling her BFF aside, Kylie briefly strokes what she thinks is the dildo and then hops onto it. That’s when she realizes she’s riding Her First Big Cock. Nathan smiles with his step brothers trick and treat surprise! Its All In The Details as Kylie freaks out. Nevertheless, Lily decides to ride again.

Kylie Rocket, Lily Larimar Step Siblings Caught

Step Brothers Trick And Treat - S15:E1

She eventually talks Kylie into fondling her tiny teen tits from behind, which opens the door to a full-on threesome. Kylie is so horny she gives in, allowing Nathan to do her in the doggy while she eats Lily’s sweet teen pussy out. Lily gets a turn in the middle as she lays on her back with Nathan’s hard-on between her legs and Kylie riding her talented tongue. The girls swap spots one last time so Lily as Nathan brings Kylie to climax before reaching his finish line. Pulling out, Nathan cums all over Kylie’s tummy and Lily’s face as the girls snowball a step brothers trick and treat kiss until the trick-or-treaters knock at the door. Now Nathan can truthfully say This Halloween My Stepsis Jumped My Bones! 😉