Stepsis Is After My Dick!

Stepsis Is After My Dick

Bratty Sis Lindsey Lane

Bratty Sis Lindsey Lane has been single for a few long weeks. Needless to say, she’s not getting any dick. She’s so horny that she’ll do whatever it takes. Today is the day to put her plan into action. She waits until her mom and stepdad leave the house, then goes to pay her stepbrother, Jason, a visit. Lindsey knows Jason has a girlfriend now, but she doesn’t care. He will soon be saying, Stepsis Is After My Dick!

Wearing just a tank top and thong, the super skinny teen climbs into bed with her stepbro and proposes they have a big of fun. Jason tries to protest, but Lindsey isn’t about to take no for an answer. Before Jason knows it, Lindsey has pulled his morning wood out and sucked it into her mouth. Her hands wrap around the shaft to hold him in place as she deep throats him.

Lindsey is masterful at blowjobs and enjoys oral sex. Nevertheless, she wants her young pussy filled and will stop at nothing to achieve that. Eventually, she straddles Jason and climbs aboard for a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride that lets Jason enjoy the jiggle of her teen ass. Turning around, Linsdey continues her cowgirl ride. Her tiny titties with their tan lines are a good show as Jason’s hardon sinks into Lindsey’s tight teen pussy as the taboo fuck party keeps going.

Bratty Sis Lindsey Lane

Stepsis Is After My Dick - S21:E7

When Jason takes over for both their pleasure, he gets his stepsis on her back so he can dominate her super skinny body. He gives Lindsey the dick until her head falls back. Her moans take on a new level of pleasure and a lovely way to wake up. However, Jason can only go for so long. As soon as Lindsey has climaxed, Jason pulls out and strokes himself off as he nuts on his step sisters stomach. They agree that Jason’s girlfriend is no reason they can’t start fucking each other again.

Actors: Lindsey Lane