Isabella Nice and Hot Friend Lexi Lore!

Isabella Nice and Hot Friend Lexi Lore

Isabella Nice and Lexi Lore kissing threesome

Rion King is totally infatuated with his hot stepsister Isabella Nice. In fact, he spies on her whenever he can. When he’s feeling particularly pervy he whips his cock out and jerks himself off to his sister’s smoking hot body. MILF Sovereign Skye captures Rion in the act of masturbating to Isabella, scolding him before sending him to his bedroom as punishment. This banishment also keeps Rion away from Lexi Lore, Isabella’s BFF.

Biding his time till Lexi shows up, Rion creeps out of his area as the ladies are changing into their pajamas. He then sneaks unnoticed into the closet while their backs are turned away. From there, he can see to his perverted heart’s content. Suddenly, Isabella realizes her cell phone has gone missing and leaves to find it. As she leaves, Rion makes some noise to alert Lexi that he’s hiding in the closet.

Lexi is really feeling horny, so she welcomes Rion to come out in the open and shove his dick into her creamy teen pussy. As they start fucking, Rion and Lexi are almost busted by Sovereign. Luckily, Rion is able to conceal himself under the covers. Unfortunately for Rion and Lexi, Isabella catches on to what really going on in her bed when she returns with her phone.

Step Siblings Caught Fucking

My Sisters Hot Friend - S9:E9

Isabella busts her girlfriend and step sister and threatens to tell what’s happening in her own bed. However, Rion informs them both that he has some dirt on her fucking in their mom’s bed. It’s best for all concerned to remain quiet and not tell anyone. Hesitantly, Isabella signs up with Lexi to provide Rion a double blowjob. Once good and wet, this encourages Isabella to take her step siblings cock for a test flight. It’s not long between Isabella and Lexi are sharing Rion’s hard cock like champ.

Things proceed nicely until Lexi jerks off Ryan forcing him into giving Isabella a messy facial. Having her brother’s cum all over her pretty face is way too much to handle. Pissed, about the cum dripping off her chin, their stepmom comes back into the bedroom catching them cooling off from their taboo sex act. If you love family roleplay as much as the Tight Pink Teens™ team does, be sure and check out Isabella Nice in My Family Pies!