My Stepsister Loves My Dick!

My Stepsister Loves My Dick

Haley Spades, Jazmin Luv Step Siblings Caught

My Stepsister Loves My Dick, does yours? Haley Spades has made a chart of the sizes of all the cocks she’s fucked. She’s trying to figure out the optimism size to pleasure her teenage pussy. While she explains her findings to Jazmin Luv, Haley’s stepbrother, Juan Loco, comes in as the girls discuss. They tell him this is an important school project and that it’s based on real-life experiences. Juan is curious why there are no dicks in the six-to-seven-inch category. Haley tells him she hasn’t sucked or fucked any. Yet! Juan implies that he falls into that cock range, and Jazmin quickly offers to measure him.

The inappropriate offer leaves Juan weirded out. The girls then devise a way to measure the actual size of Juan’s cock. Haley apologizes, saying she didn’t mean to make her stepbrother uncomfortable. The Caring Stepsister loves him and his dick, no matter what size. When Juan doesn’t hug her back, Haley asks if he wants her to prove her sisterly affection. Haley then pops his dick out and starts sucking it. Jazmin watches from the doorway and tries to stop Haley’s taboo teen blowjob claiming she was only joking about sucking Juan’s cock.

Next, Haley rolls onto her back and removes her panties to say she wants to see if it will fit in her tight teen pussy. At first, Jazmin is offended by brother-sister sex, but she quickly realizes it’s pretty fucking hot. Juan fucks Haley to orgasm, and Jazmin is quick to suck Haley’s wet teen pussy juices Juan’s dick. The girls work together, delivering group oral sex that gets Juan hard as a rock again. This time Jazmin hops on and rides in cowgirl as Haley frantically rubs her clit.

Haley Spades, Jazmin Luv Step Siblings Caught

My Stepsister Loves My Dick - S20:E7

Jazmin gets on her back and takes Juan between her legs as Haley climbs high to enjoy riding her BFF’s lesbian tongue. Haley gets another go with her stepbrother when she gets on her hands and knees. Juan then pounds her hard from behind, which brings her off for the second time, and edges Juan to the brink of cumming. My Stepsister Loves My Dick cums to a close as he pulls out just in time to bust a nut all over Haley’s bubble butt. Jazmin runs her fingers through the cum, then licks the salty remains from her fingertips before sharing the hot jizz with her BFF.