Caring Stepsister!

Caring Stepsister

Sera Ryder, Lily Larimar Step Siblings Caught

What would you do if you had a hot new stepbrother like Oliver Flynn? Caring Stepsister Lily Larimar and her friend Sera Ryder have decided to fuck him. They follow Oliver around the house and tell Oliver a litany of things they want to do with him. As the list grows increasingly sexual, Oliver asks if the girls have a family fetish or something. Lily doesn’t say no, but they do leave it for now.

Later, Lily and Sera corner Oliver again with a thermometer to take his temperature. He tells them to leave him alone and runs for it, but they chase him through the house until they pin him in his bed. Trapped, Oliver tells them he’ll open his mouth for the thermometer if they leave him alone. The girls promise so he complies. They claim he’s running a fever and wearing too many clothes.

Before Oliver can say anything, they have peeled his pants off and pulled down his briefs to reveal a raging hardon. This is even bigger than step-sis Lily, or Sera could have dreamed of! They can’t keep their hands from stroking that hot cock. Sera is the first to give in and start licking and sucking at Oliver’s cock, but Lily isn’t far behind. With two hot girls taking turns deep-throating him, how is Oliver supposed to stop now?

Lily doesn’t give Oliver the chance to change his mind. Hiking up her miniskirt and tugging her panties aside, Lily sinks her tight teen pussy down on Oliver’s fuck dick while Sera watches intently. She rides in cowgirl so Oliver can see that it’s his step sister fucking him, then tags out so Sera can give him a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride.

Step Siblings Caught Snowball

Caring Stepsister - S19:E9

Falling onto her back, Sera spreads her thighs to welcome Oliver back inside to bang her as Lily climbs aboard to ride her eager face. Then Lily turns in the middle on her knees with Oliver doing her doggy style while Sera moans in delight as Lily eats her young pussy out. Sera only moves when Oliver pulls out of Lily just a few seconds before he cums. He barely pulls out in time to bust his nut all over Lily’s ass. Then he has a front row view as Sera licks, caring stepsister Lily’s fresh fucked teenage pussy clean. Afterward, the pink porn cumsluts snowball Oliver’s spent sperm.