I Got My Stepsister To Fuck My Boyfriend!

I Got My Stepsister To Fuck My Boyfriend

I Got My Step Sister To Fuck My Boyfriend - S13:E9

Step Siblings Caught Chanel Grey and Scarlett Mae have a pretty good relationship. nonetheless, Chanel believes that Scarlett needs to loosen up. The stepsisters can’t even get dressed in the same room because Scarlett thinks it’s inappropriate! Eventually, Chanel confronts Scarlett and states that my stepsister needs to figure out how to have some fun in life. Scarlett replies that she is serious about college.

However, Chanel keeps pestering her to live a little. She goes as far as telling Scarlett that she could be so hot if she just made a few changes. Like undoing a few buttons on her blouse. Chanel then proceeds to demonstrate all the things her boyfriend, Chris Diamond is into. Eventually, Chanel points out that her boyfriend has a huge dick and that Scarlett should see it. Almost on cue, Chris shows up to find Chanel and Scarlett still talking.

Double Stack Pussy Fuck

I Got My Stepsister To Fuck My Boyfriend

Chanel can’t pass up the opportunity to show Scarlett just how much fun it is to be a slut! She urges Chris to pop that big cock of his out so that Scarlett can see it for the first time. Chanel encourages Scarlett to touch it, then suck it! Chanel enjoys Scarlett loosening up sexually but she needs o join and make it a threesome. She drops to her knees and joins her sister in giving a double blowjob.

Now that Scarlett has had a taste of dick, she realizes that she wants to take things further and experience what her slutty sister Chanel enjoys every day. Chris is more than pleased to assist Scarlett’s exploring her sexuality. Relocating to the bedroom, the trio strips and is ready for some fucking. Cock-newbie Scarlett is the first to ride on Chris as Chanel helps her stepsister learn how to enjoy herself.

Chanel Grey and Scarlett Mae Snowball

Chanel Grey Scarlett Mae Step Siblings Caught Threesome

Chanel proves to be skilled in the art of sex but it’s time for her to fuck her boyfriend. She replaces Scarlett and impales herself on Chris’s cock for a reverse cowgirl ride. Laying Scarlett down, Chanel climbs on top of her stepsister and gives Chris a double pink teen pussy stack to fuck. Two dripping teen pussies is more than any man can handle as Chris reaches his limit dick-dipping between the two sex-crazed sisters.

Chris pulls out quickly as he’s about to cum, covering Chanel’s ass and Scarlett’s belly in the sticky white stuff. Climbing off her sister, Chanel Grey licks Chris’s hot load from her pussy and then snowballs it with Scarlett Mae.