Stepsisters Dress Is Stuck!

Stepsisters Dress Is Stuck

Kyler Quinn Stepsisters Dress Is Stuck

Kyler Quinn loves to tease her stepbrother, Codey Steele, with her Step Siblings Caught taboo body. She especially loves to distract him by flaunting her ass while he’s watching television. Codey does his best to ignore Kyler’s sexy antics. Nevertheless, his stepsister is smoking hot and he really wants to fuck her tight pink teen pussy. Finally, he gets his chance as Kyler drops the phone and winds up getting her stepsisters dress caught in the kitchen garbage disposal.

Desperate, she calls Codey in to help her get unstuck. He has to literally cut her out of the dress which gives him a clear view of Kyler’s tits, ass, and pink pussy. Now, it’s impossible for Codey to not show aroused he is for his stepsister. Kyler goes as far as to tell him to just stick it in. Codey isn’t about to say no to such an offer. He spreads Kyler’s ass cheeks and then does just what she asked. he shoves his cock in balls deep from behind doggy style.

Leaning over the counter, Kyler Quinn is open to her brother’s advances. She even lifts a leg onto the countertop to improve the angle of penetration. Codey gets rid of Kyler’s caught dress by tearing it off. Next Kyler leads him into the living room by his dick. Once she has Codey on his back, Kyler takes his big cock in hand to give him the sisterly blowjob that he’s been dreaming of.

Kyler Quinn Cumshot

Step Sisters Dress Is Stuck - S14:E6

Climbing onto Codey’s lap, Kyler Quinn slides down on Codey’s shaft for a stiff cock ride. Her natural tan-lined titties bounce in unison with every stroke. After she rides awhile, Kyler lays back and lets Codey eat her tight little pussy out before welcoming him back inside her dripping honey hole. He fucks Kyler so hard that her entire body shudders in orgasm.

Kyler Quinn still wants more and hops back onto Codey’s dick while she bucks her hips like a professional rodeo cowgirl. The coming to close, she gets on her hands and knees so Codey can finish her off in doggy. Codey then pulls out just in time to blow his load all over Kyler’s sexy ass. This affords him the opportunity to celebrate the fact that his stepsisters dress got caught!

Actors: Kyler Quinn