Show Me More Ella Knox!

Show Me More Ella Knox

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Ella Knox can’t fight the fact that she wakes up horny in the morning. She rubs her huge breasts and pinches her tender nipples. Sliding her hands further south, Ella can feel her moist and juicy pink teen pussy. The horniness within will not subside until she makes herself cum. Ella reaches for her favorite glass dildo and traces it over her tits and nips prior to pushing it into her hot pink pussy. Snapping her wrist backward and forwards, Ella works the sex toy in and out of her velvety cunt. Growing more excited, she finds her engorged clit and works it feverishly as she masturbates.

That’s how Bambino discovers Ella when he strolls into the bedroom. With this type of delectable teen pussy banquet in reaching distance, he cannot pass up the opportunity to join Ella’s self-induced foreplay. Falling to his stomach in between Ella’s thighs, he secures replace her fingers with his tongue providing oral cavity to his girlfriend’s satisfaction. Her cries of cunnilingus inform him that he’s found her clit, much to their mutual delight. Ella provides encouragement and pointers as he continues to rock her “man in the boat.”

Wishing to offer Bambino the same degree of foreplay that she’s taken pleasure in, Ella ends up kneeling before him and wraps her lips around his substantial dick. She leans forwards to begin sucking, focusing on getting him rock hard and fuck-ready! Next, Ella presses her bountiful bosom together to provide Bambino a titty fuck that he won’t soon forget. Tugging her thong away, Ella swings a knee over Bambino’s sides in order to ride his fuck stick. He fills her up totally as Ella starts turning her hips, fucking him while leaning forward planting lustful kisses on his lips.

Changing positions, Ella encourages Bambino to mount her from behind doggy style. He back holds absolutely nothing, pounding her teen pussy balls deep against Ella’s amazing ass. As her body quivers with enjoyment, she moves to her side allowing Bambino to spoon behind her while they continue fucking their brains out. This new position lets Bambino keep pumping away at Ella’s stretched teen pussy.

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Ella Knox begins a series of multiple orgasms as she rubs her clit while enjoying a real cock instead of her glass dildo. Bambino isn’t far being when it comes to cumming. Bambino knows he can’t cum inside her so he pulls out of her freshly fucked pussy just in time to splatter baby batter all over Ella’s tummy. Wow, if this video clip doesn’t make you want to check out NF Busty from our friends at Nubiles-Porn, nothing will. See for yourself how they always find the hottest freshest faces and tight pink teen pussy in the business!

Actors: Bambino / Ella Knox