Lexie Fux Wants To Be A Stripper!

Lexie Fux Wants To Be A Stripper

Bratty Sis Lexie fux

Lexie Fux needs money and decides there is no better way to make some cash than becoming a stripper! Since she’s a newbie, she is required to audition to see if she has what it takes. Lexie then records herself practicing some sexy moves in front of her mirror as she hones her stripper routine. Suddenly, Lexi’s stepbrother Jay walks in and catching them both by surprise.

Lexie then has the brilliant idea to practice for her audition by stripping for her brother. She then proceeds to give Jay a strip show he won’t soon forget. After she finishes her dance, Lexie discovers that she has given Jay a boner! In his defense, he points out that his cock does not recognize she’s actually his stepsister. Semi-convinced, Lexie agrees to provide Jay an actual lap dance.

As Lexie restarts her dance, it doesn’t take Jay long to pull his short aside, springing his throbbing cock free! Asp Lexie bums and grinds, Jay’s dick somehow manages to slip inside her tight pink teen pussy. Soon she realizes somethings not quite right and calls Jay out for taking advantage of the situation. however, they both like it too much to stop now. She resumes her lap dance, with the added twist of having her stepbrother’s cock buried deep inside her wet teen pussy.

Lexie then makes a decision to switch things up sucks her pussy juice off Jay’s glistening prick. After she has cleaned Jay’s cock, step-sister Lexie climbs up back on top to ride him, cowgirl style. Loving the ride on the taboo side, Jay reaches up to fondle his sister’s teen titties. She then goes reverse cowgirl POV, while he continues to pump her pink pussy from behind.

Bratty Sis – So You Want To Be A Stripper?

Lexie Fux POV

Jay can’t help but pull out of Lexie’s tight pussy to position the head of his cock against the entrance to her virgin browneye. Lexie’s little groans of delight encourage him. Jay proceeds to explore her most intimate area as she spreads her cheeks apart to offer him a bird’s-eye view. Once he’s fully tested the backdoor waters, Jay sticks his thumb into Lexie’s butt as he continues to fuck her.

In anticipation of his cumshot, Jay turns Lexie over as he continues pounding her pussy as her puffy tits undulate with every stroke. When Jay has had enough of Lexie’s lap dance practice, he pulls out to blast his baby batter all over her beautiful belly. Who knows if Bratty Sis Lexie Fux got the stripper job or not. One thing is for certain, the Tight Pink Teens™ team can think of several jobs she is more than qualified for!

Actors: Lexie Fux